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Jul 26

DAY 2292 

Jalsa, Mumbai             July 25/26,  2014            Fri/Sat  1: 22 am

The new season of KBC starts and the first day has been shot and canned .. the crew and the atmosphere familiar, but never too familiar to destroy the work on hand ..

It may be 14 years since our association with it .. but each moment needs the kind of concentration and effort that shall make it endurable and loved ..

The family is back .. !

Abhishek from London and Jaipur .. Aishwarya and Aaradhya from Glasgow and London after the attendance for the Commonwealth Games , and Jaya from Parliament in Delhi ..

AND … more coming in tomorrow .. Shweta and Navya to give support and cheer to Abhishek’s Kabaddi team which plays its first game tomorrow 26th at the NSCI Stadium, Mumbai against U Mumba team ..

When the family is all in there is a sense of the world being complete !

I am completed and depleted today .. must leave it short .. KBC again early tomorrow ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 25

DAY 2291 

Jalsa, Mumbai           July  23/24,  2014           Thu/ Fri  1:00 am 

There is a certain quietness about being just that quiet .. no sounds are heard and no matter slips in .. what thoughts guide you into that abyss is unknown and perhaps unwarranted ..

When its the new that is initiated … much is at bay … much too is known and given for granted .. That is how it should be ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 24

DAY 2290

    Jalsa, Mumbai          July  23/24,  2014            Wed/Thu  12:28 am

Start low, aim lower, end lowest ..

Start low, aim higher, end highest … delirium !!

The world, the people and the circumstances around us, shall never be the same each day .. and today was different from yesterday .. quality could be questioned, but not the difference .. 

Many talk of a constant optimism and the positioning of positivity. But many do know and realise that saying out loud is one, knowing its actual reality is another. Most of the time it is the ‘another’. But we battle on regardless ..

I may have slept in disrespect and absolute disdain .. but in the crowded streets of the city when a young peeps out of a moving three wheeler auto and yells out ’ I love your serial Mr Bachchan ’ .. the world begins to turn the other way .. for me at least ..!

" Oh, what a difference a ‘yell’ makes .. " 

The spring in the legs pronounce their act, the body lifts more than it can bear to on an average day, the spirits soar and suddenly the desk, cluttered much like the cluttered mind, cleans up in one swift move ..

A gentle message of hope and togetherness .. of belief and strength .. of wishing and wanting to hold the other in one tight grasp of reassurance ..

That is all .. that is all one needs .. that is all one desires .. that is all to challenge the world all over again .. !!


Sceptical and with some suspicion of frustration .. a moment that enters our lives some time or the other .. captured in film, in digital film as well for ‘Shamitabh’ may not necessarily give away too much .. but it does give .. it gives reason to visit and learn more .. that in marketing terms is all that they want !! If they want .. I give !!


Wet and showered I may be .. but wet with the affection that is showered by all, here in this home of ours, is the blessings of all .. may these drops of affection never dry .. !!


Dhanush and I .. he the reason for ‘Shamitabh’ .. I having reason but unknown as yet .. 

Below the master .. 

Its back … KBC … and its time to get the technicals right .. for in a day or two the recordings start .. !! Contemplating here in its 14th year what may be the fresh attractions ..

And no better way to do that than to sit there on the opposite HOT SEAT and pull out the prosthetics from the earlier shoot in the day for ‘Shamitabh’ .. hahah … they do remain despite an hour long process of removal ..

Some more messages come in .. and they are well quite humbling and honourable .. I think it is time to stop and live with them for a while .. 

And its time to gym again in the morning - root canal pain be damned !!

Love you .. the hugest and the warmest way ever .. !!!

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 23

DAY 2289

Jalsa, Mumbai           July 22/23,  2014            Tue/Wed  2:08 am IST

One can bear any pain that you exercise on yourself, yourself. But one cannot ever bear the pain of another .. simply cannot ! It is individual and isolated, cocooned and closeted within iron walls .. impregnable and immune to any other !!

They ask me my pain .. I tell them I am fine .. as would most others. But hidden inside each of us is that personal feeling which never admits to its existence or its intensity. It lies within and no matter how elaborate we may be in describing it to another, that what is felt by you is not entirely felt by another or any other …

It is for me the same in execution. Nothing can be replaced by ones own output, personally. I may be the most adept at detailing the nature and the requirement of my work from another .. but it shall never reach satisfaction until you have supervised it yourself. Seeing and witnessing results delegated to another, shall always be wanting.

Muddy your hands then .. find the time and the intent to pull up the socks yourself .. we are all different and differently built, not just in our physical, but in our temperament too. We shall be bound by anomalies. We may be entirely wrong in our judgement, or in our mode of application .. but then we shall have satisfaction that what was done was done with independent thought and guide .. a thought that belonged entirely to yourself ..

There is always pride in that ..

I am not filled with either today .. and that is a failure and a tragedy ..

But inconsistencies in our personal approach is also factored within our beings .. factors that others may never grasp or endeavour to grasp .. why would they .. they are content or perhaps perplexed in handling their own .. so why bother ..

Let us then rejoice in neutral commodities .. commodities that have proven to be endeared and loved and connected ..

Looking out from the balcony of a high rise 37th floor beside the Sea Link with your director is reassuring .. at least someone who knows what we are doing .. !! And doing it right or not ..

My love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

 ….and yes, as the anaesthesia wears out, the throbbing pain reappears on the root canal .. but pain is individual .. good night ! 

Jul 22

DAY 2288

Jalsa, Mumbai           July 21/22,  2014            Mon/Tue  1:04 am IST

All at the morning and evening sessions of the presentation of the #LGG3 mobile .. wonder if all of them on top here are carrying the LGG3 mobile .. haha .. but really how can you ever be NOT documented in today’s world .. !!

And then ‘Shamitabh’ ..

So its a quick visit to the dentist .. and there is news there too .. a root canal process tomorrow .. so I shall be incommunicado for some days now .. pain and anaesthesia and numb face and mouth .. and ..

Well we shall deal with that tomorrow ..

But after the morning visit, its a rush to the launch of the LGG3 mobile .. and a long but aesthetic presentation of a truly wonderful machine .. its all shifting to the mobile now and soon that shall be our mode of everything … until … it shifts to the watch .. which it already has i limited capacity .. the LG watch has most of the features of the mobile !! 

That over , rushing to far off location on the 37th floor for ‘Shamitabh’ .. 2 hrs of make up .. and then shooting some intense scenes .. depart form there in a rush, lunching an odd sandwich while driving to LG again … not to forget the 1 hr make up removal process in between .. back to suits and tis and formal wear and .. another presentation for the dealers of the product .. rush out again and into some serious meetings for the days to come and their schedules …

India wins in between at Lord’s .. a wonder, because I think it is perhaps only the 3rd time in its long history that India has done so ..or that after 28 years this feat achieved ..

A rather swift look at the social medias .. replies, connects , printing pictures .. and here at the Blog .. and now to bed ..

Tomorrow is going to be another tough day with a start at 7 am ..

Good night then … and love 


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 21

DAY 2287

Jalsa, Mumbai            July 19/20,  2014            Sun/ Mon  2:55 am IST


that be the pensiveness from ‘Shamitabh’ .. it is getting exceedingly difficult to preserve a look for a film or occasion when we have millions of mobile cameras following us and immortalising us … thank you



And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the new LG G3 mobile .. to be inaugurated tomorrow .. !! Pretty darn good I have to say ..

Also a bit of detail about a brand that I endorse, this is a brand which is concerned about nutrition for the children - Complan. The team at Complan have devised this wonderful idea that connects kids with me. The product shows me as the Taakat ka bhoot who comes and helps give strength to kids. This advert in no way promotes the fact that ghosts exists, it is merely enhancing the fact that this milk protein based drink helps the young kids  in meeting their requirement of Proteins ,  Carbohydrates, Vitamins and  other Nutrients. Growing children need protein, the building blocks of growth and other vital macro and micro nutrients which offer specific benefits. Proud to be a part of this association.

The days’ journey in pictures is almost like watching the Discovery Channel .. I keep discovering where and what needs to be done, at which place and why ..

Fortunately there are some very hard working assistants and dedicated workers that enable us to be in good humour despite the trying circumstances .. they are young and at times flabbergasted by their responsibilities, but they are most sincere and loving and caring .. and endearing to the cause of they work they undertake .. and most of them are women !! Which is such a marked departure from the times of old when the only lady perhaps on set other than the heroine was her chaperon or `Mother .. ! Women power at its prime and so correct and important in today’s time …

Javed Akhtar, the prolific writer of many of my earlier films is of the firm belief that within the next 10 years … women shall be in power .. not just over the systems they connect with , but .. and this is most important .. over men too !!

When equations shall change what would the world and the universe be like .. its like changing history, geography and mathematics all in one deliberate blow ..

 I for one would welcome that and love it to happen … and I see many happy ladies on the other end of this conversation raising a toast or filling the atmosphere with an exuberant yelp..

God bless you all .. for really what would we ever do without them .. !!

What .. ???

Ponder and disclose .. perhaps another day ..?


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 20

DAY 2286

    Jalsa, Mumbai           July 19,  2014          Sat/Sun  1:09 am IST

Drugged by the travails or travel .. ahaha .. nice way to start the DAY today .. ohho .. it comes again, this play of letters .. english ij a funnny languaaaje .. happens at times .. but ..

So .. drugged by the travails of travel, sluggish and retarded in temperament, you leave the comfort of the duvet, the soft head gear, the darkness of pulled curtains, slipping into soft lined slippers of the night, wandering aimlessly almost to bring in the light, the day and the work threat, on to the varied electric switches that transform your being in the time it takes to light a bulb  …. and ….. at work ..

Varied and different .. cumbersome in some .. and nostalgic endings on others .. the time comes to bathe and refresh the mind to the offerings for the most important element in our system, and open up the top of the laptop ..( would have almost sounded crude had I stopped at some letters !! ) .. to be with the most eager and dedicated connect …THE BLOG !!!

The dreaded POLIO that I ambassadored for UNICEF, has been finally eliminated from the country, thanks to our our most rigid and painstaking efforts for the past 7-8 years, where the Government, the States and a very committed bunch of volunteers worked day and night in the entire country through great hardships and difficulties to spread the temperament of ‘do boon zindagi ke' .. those those drops of the polio vaccine that can save your children !

A commemoration of sorts is being conducted appreciating this work and to thank all those that took part in this campaign, later in a few days in Delhi. But today we shoot a film in that context and are at an early hour on location - a Veterinary Hospital - not for any other purpose but to use the building structure as an ideal back drop for the film. The Vet Hospital is an old and prestigious one, built by the British in the 1830’s and was and is one of its kind in the entire East Asian world .. it treats and looks after all kinds of ailments that are inflicted on animals, and I must admit it was a most rewarding experience to be let into an insight of the workings of the hospital ..

Some of the pictures that I have put up are an example of their work .. particularly put in the cats, for obvious reasons .. but most other pictures were to insensitive to put up … it showed the animals in very frightening conditions, in particular one cat .. and I thought it would disturb a lot of the EF, so I resisted and refrained.

The work done is then shifted to other locations, other facial transformations, and other projects .. all in a 24 hour schedule .. !!

The many facets and faces of my profession, do startle some, but I would like to believe that our domain exists within these exigencies .. and its acceptance needs to be given support and understanding ..

And now … live with some of them and allow me the liberty of a few relaxed moments at the GOT serial before getting back to the duvet .. and …

My love as ever to all …


at times there is a bit of humour and laughter and lightheartedness on work ..especially if its that diligent yet out of the box thinker MR Balki ..


same guy .. Balki I mean .. !!


At work with the Balkiist and his crew headed by the incomparable PC our D.O.P .. and a certain someone that happened to be at the airport location and refused to budge from the bench, devouring his coffee and mobile .. !!





No explanation needed for the above .. POLIO has been indeed eradicated from this Country ..!!


the ill little one waiting in the queue for treatment .. and the others below ..


sad eyes .. so sad ..


and this little kitty is on her way to the OT or the docs for treatment ..


…. !!! the sign board says it all !! brave guy, Sheru .. 




Selfies with the cast of ‘YUDH” .. a last day of shoot for all .. emotions gratitude thank you, shall meet again, et al …


Thank you cast and crew of YUDH .. it has been a most rewarding experience .. and as we write the show finishes a week of broadcast, and we build gradually to an intense and dramatic storyline in the days and weeks to come ..

More in discussion later on various matters that are desperate to burst out …


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 19

DAY 2285

Jalsa, Mumbai             July  18/19,  2014             Fri/Sat  1: 15 am IST

The body does not respond to any thoughts tonight .. it responded well at the work place, though a bit lethargic .. on sitting down in between work shots the head slumped off into a world of its own .. it is generally called dozing and it happens often with sleep deprived individuals ..

I am one of those and not too concerned with public nodding off .. they all think I am in deep thought for the scene … which could be correct from their point of view .. we do take advantage of that at times to show exaggerated involvement in the film shot, when there are those that probably would disturb your concentration on set. But that is a prerogative most well wishers crave - to be accepted. They are accepted and they deserve to be .. they make us and we often ignore those that did that for us ..

At times though it does get a bit out of hand, but then that is part of our circumstance and must be honoured and understood ..

At times the regard and affection is so large and powerful that they take the strangest of ways to express their affection. One need not go into all that .. it gives ideas .. but yes their desires need to be acknowledged and at times accepted too ..

We, as those that get that affection and notice, do face our own challenges, and that in all fairness is a cross we must learn to bear. Conduct in such situations does mean a lot, and it has been observed that the nature and tone of the conduct is generally set, not by the well wisher but by the celebrity themselves. We can invite acknowledge and justify our acts to a probable fan with great positivity. The reverse can happen too .. there are many examples of excessive affection leading to harm instead of love and care .. and vice versa …

But more of this mundane topic another time ..

Let us be ourselves within our own little world .. loved and admired by many, now in their millions. Our special platform is now the talk of many among the many .. and they simply cannot believe that we have been able to create and exist in this world for so long ..

The Universe and the World changes in 6 years … but we have remained steadfast and pure and sincere and caring and loving … to each other ..

May there be peace among us all, as we would it exist in other parts of the world too .. may there be compassion and respect … honour and deliberation .. the holding of hands rather than hands that destroy ..

Destruction begets destruction .. to destroy is painful .. to build is filled with hope and the brightness of our living ..

I ramble on .. this is not too good ..

Tried out a simple test sent to me by dear friend for long .. close your eyes and stand on one foot .. by raising the other, for 20 seconds !!

If you can successfully manage this you are safe from dementia, if not then your brain is leaning towards that condition soon … very soon … well actually in the later years .. !!

hahaha … ! Lovely to see so many of you immediately getting up from where ever you are to try it out ..

DO NOT I BEG … send me your results .. I know what it feels like and how .. I tried it and could not even remain in such position for a second ..

I am demented .. !! 

Done at an early age of say 30-40 it shall indicate that by the time you reach the 70’s its on !!

See you guys and galls .. its time for dementia .. err sorry inertia !!

Amitabh Bachchan 

Jul 18

DAY 2284

Jalsa, Mumbai           July 17/18 ,  2014           Thu/Fri  12 : 48 am IST

Creativity roars within, when it lives a life you wished it to .. it crumbles when you discover that you were perhaps right ; the medium though, wrong ! One may loose interest in one condition and be raised upon the highest mountain by another. The tethers that drag you to the depths of despair and morose indignation, suddenly break the shackles, and surface you to the brim of this vast ocean generously gifting you the liberty of free and oxygenised breath …

I suffocated for time and sustenance .. I laboured, pained myself, disguised my chores in masked silence and limited endeavour. But time in its inimitable presence and perpetuity, turned its wheel favourably enough. Enough to express here ; enough, to admit umbrage and disgruntlement.

Admiration for the squaring off enlightens most … mostly !

I am enlightened today .. ! But pessimistically plagued, I could be seeking it all over again by the ‘morrow.

That ladies and gentlemen is what the ‘balance’ dictates .. and so must it remain !!

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 17

DAY 2283

Jalsa, Mumbai          July 16/17, 2014          Wed/Thu  2 : 26 am IST

Back .. back to Jalsa, back to IST - Indian Standard Time , and back to the pouring rain .. its such a joy  .. though being away and meeting many friends and learning so many fresh thoughts and feelings is not one that cannot be missed also ..

Work it is that began the moment I landed and if the results show on my face then the travel and the distances covered, says it all ..

There was always a desire to visit South America, its enigmatic and exciting world for many a year .. in fact from the times of the school and college and work days .. to now see it fulfilled now is almost miraculous. I had given up the idea of ever getting an opportunity to visit Rio de Janiero, but time and place and fate plays different games. The trip has been so full of the culture and beauty of the region that it is almost certain that there shall be another visit .. and hopefully many more .. !! 

The body stresses, the mind plays well, the circumstances tell another story .. part of living I guess .. and a reason always to enjoy and be thankful for it ..

Just a simple smile an acknowledgement a shaking of the hand and the nod of a head, is capable of conveying so much .. and one wonders why this cannot be universally understood .. attempts are made, but fail .. why is the question that is asked and is being asked each hour of our living lives .. 

What may seem insurmountable now does indeed have many previous examples too … the World has never been shorn of intrigue and tension, of battle and conquest, of suffering and helplessness .. we all wonder when it shall all stop .. but each episode ends in that uncomfortable vacuum and then it starts all over again .. we have got used to referring to it as sad and unfortunate .. but these words are not adequate enough to describe the horrors that accompany them ..

It bears late .. around 3 am and there is work tomorrow for Balki .. it reaches a moment of ending soon … there is also the preparation for the fresh season of KBC and the new films of Shoojit Sircar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s produced films as also many others on a pending list ..

When one talks about them it looks ominous and fearful .. but when the work starts it all begins to fall into place .. with of course the obvious apprehensions and fears ..

Now they have become a part of us , these adjectives, these expressions .. I wonder if we have quite inadvertently made them a constant .. we should not but somehow they creep in .. talk of them encourages talk to not talk of them .. no talk of them brings in somehow situations that coerce and compel us to talk of them ..

Silence would be best .. but that too has its own frequencies of sound !

So with sound and silence .. a very good night !!!

Amitabh Bachchan