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Sep 01

DAY 2330

        Jalsa, Mumbai            Sept 1, 2014          Mon  10:26 am

The good part of rest is recuperation .. its counter is lethargyfication !! Suddenly almost through will as it were, nothing moves - no thoughts, no routine, no nothing ! When you sit you simply sit, even though you should be moving. When you move you wonder what one must do. When you decide what needs to be done, you get there and realise the numbers of the doing are so immense, that even the thought of starting on them, shrinks away.

 You often wonder then of those tales that the elders introduced you to - the one at a time, the piece by minute piece of shifting, much like the laborious ants on a mission .. but it never gets started … !! And that is the important element, getting started .. pushing it that single inch a day ‘till the boulder of massive proportion, reaches your door step’, after a period of three months .. time taken but accomplishment and achievement in the endings !!

Accumulating is the bane of most individuals. It is mine too. Collect and accumulate and not knowing what to do with it, but insisting on it remaining where it has been accumulated. Reasons ? I would not dare to know, or disclose, simply because I have no disclosures to make ..

That’s being difficult and vain and obstinate … only in the eyes of the other. In mine eyes I do see its presence of importance. Others do not. Or maybe they do. I would not know and quite frankly would never seek to know either. It would be beyond my politeness …

Hah … beyond my politeness ?? That is a handy expression. Simply poured out on to the whiteness of the paged Blog of 2330 !!

So … accumulation ! It is a painful experience to tear, destroy or diminish a possession, into the dark and often unknown depths of the trash can basket container ! It seems to have gone away forever, or so it seems. But somewhere someday someplace it could reappear. Perhaps not in the form that is was disposed with, yet similar in content it represented when it was clean and distinguished and worthy of a decorated file or shelf.

One fine day, or so say many of us, we shall get down to putting our lives in order, to manage and professionalise it, to give it some temperament of organisation, to be accomplished in knowing and letting others know where and what and when it all took place. Yes ? 

Hehehee … do not hear too many voices in the ‘ayes’. They are blinded by the inconsequentials of such exercise ! I can understand .. I do understand .. why would you do that … why would anyone … eh ? Futility is the hall mark of such consequentials .. they rob us of our inside .. ok, that is not too bad .. insides often give insights .. they explain, they demystify, they hastily unveil the shroud upon our hearts and head .. mostly black in colour …

Black !!

Difficult word to explain .. why is it always used to express all that is unwanted, incorrected, negetivated ? Why ?

Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali the Greatest had many such questions in his mind and in his voice, during the tormented times of his early years of discrimination …

The night is black ! But it is also the most romantic in all its poetic manifestations ! It also denotes fear and the unseen and the unknown or the degraded .. primarily I suppose because of its very intimate relationship with darkness … 

Ahhh .. this is leading us no where … best left to its own confabulations .. !!

The anti biotics take their toll .. they bring cure hopefully but also side effect the mind and the body into  … yes .. LETHARGY !! And we are back from where we started .. a condition mostly seen in stories of unsuccessful ventures. But here … ventures they be far and wide, and the unsuccessful, do not be shunned away in pariyah form .. they live and prosper along with us .. we give home to all .. that stray cat or the dog on the street .. that troubled mind … that defeated body .. those moments of confused delusion .. those years of damaged attention .. those intimate projections of the world going the other way round …

All is known, all is understood … all is welcomed .. be with us .. live with us in our limited hibernation .. exist and excel … laugh and smile randomly … cry with the drops of happy tears .. jump at the voices of appreciation and love .. mingle with each other as parts of a DnA that is not differing, but similar … and expose yourself in all its intimacy of expression .. the word and the world of our extended family !!

Good night .. dears and dearest .. the night falls in all its black darkness .. to yet another light .. 

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2329

Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug-Sept 31/1,  2014            Sun/Mon  12:24 am

Victory quells many an embarrassment .. it silences, it shivers the sword in its quiver .. fingers the curved trigger of the weapon that shoots .. puts its finger on the ‘button’ … 

It is a revival .. a belief in the self .. an adrenalin push in the blood vessels .. a conquest that surpasses all other .. 

But .. it is best registered when it recoils with the elements of restrain. Pulling back from any form of excelled exuberance, is perhaps one of the greatest tests of life and being ..

Many speak euphemistically, of the ‘success that went to the head’. Physically it may be a possibility. An adrenalin rush, could occupy the complicated internals of the brain, medically or with some degree of abstract believability. But the brain stores enough of its own material to be overloaded with that extrapolation. Is that why when it desires to get rid of any excess baggage, it diminishes the strains of the chemical drug, and brings one down to earth to search, research, build, restructure and finally give space to that, which once could have remained in that exalted position ?

Ahhh … I have no idea … and never will … such extraneous conversation only prevents that dreaded giver of success, the adrenalin dose, a more perverse definition in my mind and thought ..

It is best to enjoy the menials of advantage - for success is an advantage - than to be looked upon as one that boasts of continuity and realises that it was only short lived, and quite impertinent !!

Time at your hands is a gift from the Almighty almost .. usage of it to its maximum potency is the offering made to the same deity .. the divine shall decide what when and where .. we shall seek to hear that ‘voice’ when it comes .. if it comes at all ..

I do believe though that divinity is not so inconsiderate after all. It does perform, and deliver .. 

All it needs is, that one infinitesimal moment of recognition .. the rest shall follow .. wherever and however … !!


Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 31

DAY 2328

      Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug 30/31,  2014           Sat Sun  1:28 am

The divine presence of Ganesh at Lal Bagh .. Lalbagh cha Raja .. ! The largest Ganesh during the entire festival of Ganapati … been going there since 1974 .. the organiser has a picture of that visit still ..

Alas have just discovered I have fever .. 

Good night !!

Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 30

DAY 2327

     Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 29/30,  2014             Fri/Sat  12:58 am





The company of stars on set … the lovely Sonam Kapoor along with the handsome Fawd Khan from Pakistan, who promote their film ‘Khoobsurat’ on KBC ..

Aamir Khan and the chance meet again with him in the Atrium of YRF … this atrium seems destined for meetings with important people ..

But in the true sense of the word the real heroes are the ones that appear on KBC with their list of difficulties and issues .. and to see them playing the game for a cause which can resolve their most deepest problematic legacies in their individual homes .. is the most heartening to behold ..

Each day on set of KBC is a test of  not just our knowledge, but indeed the heart beats of the nation .. 

In the hallowed precincts of this unusual but rather intriguing game is hidden the substance which brings with it the essence of better times, a resolve resolved, a home getting back to being a home … the fulfilment of dreams and desires, mostly not for them selves, but for those that struggle among them ..

It is an honor and a most humbling experience to be among those that have never perhaps had the opportunities that we get within a whisshhh … to be with those that have suffered the pain of poverty and abuse and limited means .. to be with those that bring such reverence ever - their little hand made gifts of presentation and its reciprocation .. 

We are a nation of such deep magnitude and feeling that it shall be impossible to fathom our real selves .. 

We ourselves would find it difficult to express what it means to us when we confront these issues …

God has been kind …. very kind …


Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 29

DAY 2326

Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug  28/29,  2014             Thu/Fri  12:03 am

Lily D’ Penha from the world of our family … we all wish you a very happy birthday … this day and the days to come to bring you utmost happiness and peace and what ever is of worry to you, may it delete itself forever .. love

A surge of affection and well being despite the late hours welcomes today ..and there is a feeling that maybe what is being done is right and valuable. I do not question that for it would be improper to impose my own feelings on my own ..there are others that say, and one would not like to go against the grain, but yes lovely to be in the positive and pressure now to maintain those positives …

Yet again the pictures speak more than what I may ever be able to assess .. and which is why these :

A contestant wishes to dance with me …. what at this age ? and I readily oblige .. there is more expression on mine than hers when truly she should be the one to express .. missed it ..

And … yet again a chance meeting with Rani and Aamir … in the Atrium of YRF .. discussing nothing in particular … she asking when I could see her film ‘Mardani’ and he informing me of the moments I spent with him a short while ago .. !! Mysterious eh !! Yeah, so ..?? 

Truly the extent of the business of KBC .. the complications of an entirely computerised set and technology ..

Its time like most other times to be in a space which in general terms is referred to as ‘the bed’ … !!

Good night my dears … my work schedules are like … ya .. inexplainable !!

Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 28

DAY 2325(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai           Aug 28/29,  2014           Wed/Thu  12:08 am

To those that cat love .. a hand ful !!


Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 27

DAY 2325

Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug  28,  2014             Wed  11:47 pm











Pictures say a lot … a great deal more than expressing it in words and expressions that have no relevance to the matter ..

After the gruels of character acts in the film shoot, there is reality in television and the switching over of temperament and thought and act and every other action that must necessarily be away from the one enacted before ..

But some things remain constant - Deepika Padukone for example .. she be with me on ‘Piku’ and she be with me, on KBC to promote her film ‘Finding Fanny’ along with Arjun Kapoor … and fun times it was .. !!

Especially the ‘bootiya dance’ … hahaha .. its a popular number in the film and been done with some finesse ..

Its early rise tomorrow and so we shall restrict it this for the moment ..

More love …


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2324

          Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug  26,  2014             Tue 6:36 pm

That is how it started … at around 6:30 pm ! It was a short break for lighting on the sets and normally I stay on work, but came away to catch up with some other meetings in between, and decided to write in. 

Alas , all I could do was to put in the DAY and the date, with the wrong location !! One has got used to filling in the home address, that when change occurs, it goes a little off colour .. 

But here it is as late as ever .. but endeavouring to put in the continuity of the past what ? 6 years plus … !!

It is birthdays first :

And wishes go out to : Rohit Bhutoria and Harshvardhan G for the 26th birthday greetings. May the Almighty keep you healthy and well and fill you with all that you  ..

The horizons they expand, they give hope and they give one the feel of a coming .. I cannot and may not be able to say that there is any truth in that .. but WTH, no harm in saying it ..

There are many occasions and reasons in life that coerce us to utter words and feels that do not necessarily demand attention, or meaning. It is said in jest or just said. Many a times we feel spilling it all out could lessen the task of keeping it within. Many feel that letting it out would defeat the purpose of the deed. But in this world of the fastest communication technologies, we often wonder if it really is prudent to conceal, hide, safe guard that which we are unable to keep within, or wish for it to remain private. Indeed the ‘private’ part of our lives is soon on the wane. Nothing remains unknown and mystical, or enigmatic. It is all there in the realm of the wired world, ready at the flick of a button to be picked up, analysed, criticised, admired, not admired … whatever ..

Information and content therefore has become the prime property of any individual, and the number of agencies that can produce all this required material are out numbering each other in value and credibility. Start a process today and you can be sure that, within minutes it is world wide informed.

The required moment therefore is - what has been put out or, whether what has been put out is genuine or not. Between these two extremes will exist the manipulations and confabulations of games and what people play often, with each other - in competition, or in mere political games man ship ..

For one that does come anywhere near its projection or its execution, I feel aloof from all the hoopla, though many insist that in order to survive it is essential to be a part of this ..

I dunno .. I have been in the years for 72 .. it is difficult to suddenly change track and follow another .. that not all shall take time .. that even if it did take time would it serve the purpose ..!!

So what is the next best … the next best is to lie dormant, follow your own instincts and live peacefully ever after ..

Instincts exist … they live a very credible life, and many of them, in fact quite a few, depend largely on what that inner voice says at crucial times …

So listen .. and hear what needs to be said .. for right now it says good night .. and happy dreams ..


My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 26

DAY 2323

Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 25,  2014             Mon  11:52 pm

I tire of myself .. tire from the thought of not doing anything .. of wanting to defy and break the law that binds me to my routine .. to just be … to see and do and read and write and contemplate and …

That is reason enough for me to seek freedom from this page to day ..

I seek your revered permission to be excused from the mind and thought, that should rightfully have been the time spent with all … but tonight it shall not be ..

I am obstinate tonight .. but tomorrow that be another day and another night ..

It is the little things in life that matter and get valued ..

I am disturbed for instance with say the traffic of the city … or any city. I believe firmly that the character of a place is known by the way the traffic moves .. respect to fellow drivers, respect to the reason for being with them, the fellow drivers … a certain respect and consideration of the other .. 

That is what shall make us larger than life, bigger and greatly more magnanimous ..



Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 25

DAY 2322(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug  24,  2014            Sun 11:58 pm

"Sunday ki Sunday aana meri jaan meri jaan …"

Amitabh Bachchan