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Aug 21

DAY 2318

Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug 20/21,  2014             Wed/Thu  12:08 am

Why the violence on the street in the house in our hearts … nothing becomes the human such repulsive identity .. we were born peaceful and content and without form, attitude, belief, nation and home ..

Till one fine day .. all the definitions were pumped into us .. our minds and our brains were awash with the kind of paths and temperaments we were to adopt .. perhaps for life .. and that became the one constant in our lives ..

Rigidity set in .. form and our inform, drilled into us, we became followers without reason almost .. it was what was asked of us .. and we did it with aplomb and strong heart and mystic supposition … it was this that lasted the most for most parts of our existence .. even during our passing without our knowledge, what transpired was what had been with us throughout - the dredging of what we were and are and shall be …

That is indoctrination .. that is forced labour … that is what causes us to respect and admire what the generations and generations before us portrayed and expected us to follow ..

Follow we did, as we did admire and respect .. its interpretation was perhaps different and vague … but there all the same … firm, committed and filled with the divine value …

Many changed tracks, changed the thinking, changed course … but they changed through belief … a belief that remained prevalent and lasting … 

I last today .. you do as well .. we all do …

It is the distance of time and its regulated divinity .. if ever one were to see it …

Topics for discussion and thought that emanate from the conversations with some ..

I spend a little time with Aamir at YRF …  as I decipher our play in Jaipur for the Kabaddi …

Love and good night …

Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 19

DAY 2317

       Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 19, 2014             Tue  11:31 PM

Switching one to the other is a boon to those that can accomplish this unnatural feat. There shall be admiration ever for them that, despite the trap they fall in, are able to survive and exist in such environs.

There needs to be endeavour to survive the effects of this activity. Many there are in this universe that are able to do so .. many do not, even though they believe in them.

I would like to believe that an arrogance of known facts .. and arrogance of behavioural belief, shall never last the test of time. Time that shall endeavour to bring about a view point that shall be all inclusive and all cosmopolitan. Time is not property to any - you can possess it or not, but it shall never have capacity to be caught, for it moves with the times of time.

Many are they that defy such. They encounter the intricacies of time, only to be wiser and better equipped. Better equipped to be able to stave off any impressions of negativity that often befalls us ..

Many succumb though to this vagary. They fall never to rise. They may be right to have accepted such. Many do not. Many opt for another favourable moment, a slight of hand, the option of a possible misjudgement .. and many other ..

But what prevails in the end of it all is the factual impressions of fact and truth. These are immortal givens in life. They shall only change if the universe were to change, geographically, meta physically, scientifically or astrologically. Time though shall always prevail even in the most adverse. It is our only constant, our only perpetual, our companion for life - if life remains limited … as the present case may be … !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2316

Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 18/19,  2014            Mon/Tue  1:54 am

Dr Jaishree Sharad , happy birthday and many more achievements in a life that has been filled with endeavour .. love

There is need to introspect and revere its outcomes .. to come to decision and its complex conducts .. to be independent in thought word and deed … to be able, unabashedly to convince myself of the other and the other to myself ..

'Solitudinous' urges are urges that lead to unrestricted pleasure ! They come in waves of passionate resemblance … thrust you into a realm of fantasy .. a fantasy that brings you to the moment and then it explodes with such authenticity, it baffles the mind .. 

When there is creative urge to perform, to exhibit your acumen and talent, to overcome the iron castings of restrictions, of defiance, of greed and hunger for perfection, of fulfilment … and so much more … then at once, there comes a light, a beacon which leads us into that grave and darkened abyss ; an exhibit of such proportion that it dismays its inhabitants !!

I wish to inhabit those structures that we build and construct, whether in reality or in dream ..

Dreaming is not so elusive an episode after all .. it is wondrous till it lasts, fortunately wiping out its memory in what may seem a millionth spec of motion, never captured before ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Aug 18

DAY 2315(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug  17/18,  2014               Sun/Mon  1:12 am

'Shamitabh' hits the last day for me .. after a hard day on location some several miles away from the city, they cheer for me as I leave .. to continue the next work and schedule on hand ..

There is a withdrawal symptom that gathers the moss as we roll out of one into another .. you may not truly appreciate the phenomena but the phenomena precedes and does .. it is the way of many and is the way for this as well ..

Ef on set .. and since I am contracted to confidentiality for my project, I may never be able to describe those moments .. but for the ones that did arrive it was a joy to be with you on set ..


Keep well and keep in good health .. and more in good connect ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

DAY 2315

Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 17/18,  2014             Sun/Mon  12:44 am

The happiness of all that comes with the goodness of Janamashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna .. the blessings he brings to us all with his love and affection and kindness .. may his presence bring us all closer to the divinity of peace and togetherness, love and well being, respect for all in the realm of prayer …

Mythical and religious fever surrounds us all during these times of bounty and the prospect of favourable conditions … they may bring belief to some or none to others … but the ratio of belief and non belief shall always favour the beliefs …

No harm in that .. we respect all in all .. we admire fellowship .. we admire the goodness of others, the will and the strength of the followers of faith .. they are all welcome into the universe … they are all one .. they are human and humanity all with one in all …

My greetings of festivals .. to beliefs and to those that even do not, for they must have logical reason to be such .. love and the blessings of the God’s that we offer prayer to …

My love 

Aug 17

DAY 2314

Jalsa, Mumbai           August  16/17,  2014           Sat/Sun  12:43 am

A bluish tinge of lonely walk ..

Beneath the skills of the walking talk.

The age of growth expounds with flair ..

What the devil do I care .

There is not much to say today ..

The skies were pale and filled with grey.

I know not why I poet be,

Its not for me, to be, for me …

A tool that covers many a side,

Is what is prime, in ours with pride ..

I linger on without much thought,

It is distraught and more distraught ..

Do bear with me this day of DAY,

I do have another way ..

But that is not intended, true

There be so many, of different hue ..

I am but small and in no consequence

For I do live in spiked gilded fence ..

'They' feel that I am known to them

I’d rather be than pander them ..

Regrettable that it came to pass

A half filled glass, a half filled glass …

The morning harsh, beckons vivid and clear

I must be gone  .. be gone, my dear ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Aug 15

DAY 2313

          Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 15,  2014           Fri  6:39 pm

Nitish Murthy : Happy birthday to our Ef, and wishing him all the best that this platform this world can offer  … Love

Independence Day , August 15 … and so many thoughts run through our minds … thoughts of the struggle for freedom … thoughts on the thoughts of those that decided to do what they decided to do for the moment … how did they that fought want to do what they did .. 

Stories of those that spent their lives and gave their lives for us to be independent are documented in the annals of history … but there are thousands that were never acknowledged, never spoken of, never known .. who silently marched into the light of resistance and without any selfish motive or personal acclaim expressed and demanded, screamed and shouted, walked and existed on meagre existence so that millions of us could today be free from slavery and submission, free from the ruler from without, free to express ourselves without fear, to live with the earth of our land where we were born … !!

Most of this generation will never be able to understand the meaning of an unfree country, a country which is yours but remains in the control of foreign powers, a country which bears you but forces you to bear with others who are not of this earth’s bearing !

Most of today’s generation that comprise the largest percentage of the youth in the entire universe are from India, and they were all born free in an independent land ..

Sometimes we forget the importance and the implication of this presence !!

Sometimes we also forget, coming to more contemporary thoughts, of the release of the film ‘Sholay’ on this very day, August 15th 1975 … now completing 39 years !!

What memories attached to this film, its making, its completion, its release, its success and its longevity ..

Someday sometime later, perhaps when it completes 40 years, it would be appropriate to divulge some of those moments ..

Till then and till tomorrow .. my love to deal with and your presence to admire in mine ..


Amitabh Bachchan 

DAY 2312

Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug  14/15,  2014             Thu/Fri  12:56 am



Hundreds and thousands fought for this Independence .. dying for the nation was a noble act .. sacrifices of immense proportions were the call of the hour … and the entire country followed what was prescribed and what not was not !!

Deprived of our independence for over a thousand years, including the Moghul and British periods, we are a new country … just 67 years old ! But our strengths and achievements have surprised all … and shall continue to do so ..

We are on the threshold of great success and great forward movement, and we shall achieve this pinnacle of success .. a resilient nation, a humble nation, a nation that gave the most important weapon to mankind .. ahinsa !! We shall win !!

Bharat Maata ki Jai …

Amitabh Bachchan 

Aug 14

DAY 2311

    Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 13/14,  2014           Wed/Thu  1: 55 am

I walk in the shadows of the dark in dark 

I straddle my feet upon the glistening mark,

This is no time to seek the oft repeated barb ..

Acknowledge it you may as ‘Shamitabh’

My director wishes that it is time for me now to grow my own beard .. to fill up the face with what is left of it .. to feel distinguished .. and extinguished !

Extinguished .. ! For after the distinction shall come the extinction ..

Many faces does one change in a day at work, and this today was one of the many .. they involved a number of five scenes in unison and without, and went on the entire day at the Filmistan … the Studio that once in the early years of cinema in India was run much like MGM and Universal and Warner Bros .. the system of the artist being contracted to be with particular studio on salary ..

But all that changed with the advent of the star system .. the system that dominated the Industry then and still does .. an individual exercise, individual management and activity .. individual presence and cause !

That with the Balki went on today for most of the night .. as can be evident with the visuals .. but when it did get over it was straight to the recording studio of Aadesh for singing the songs for the film ‘Shamitabh’.

It took a liberal amount of effort and time but eventually just a short while ago it was over - two songs done, and a preparation for some more personal recordings, related to the Tirupati Temple and the divinity of Ganeshaya ..

That all done its time to exercise the body with movement pressured with the weight of machines … several times .. and then home for a meal and for slumber ..

They say work outs in the gymnasium in the nights is a forbidden element in the realm of training .. but I do it .. because I need to do it .. because I need to be agile and worthy of the work that falls upon me .. because I just want to do what others do not want me to do … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night … and to all that I do not connect with tonight .. good night !!

Humour in the closing hours of the day, keep one and all in disarray  …

Amitabh Bachchan

Aug 13

DAY 2310(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug 13,  2014              Tue/Wed  2 : 11 AM 

What more can one say on a day like this .. there is desire to submerge ourselves into work to keep the mind off the thought of those departed ..

Many read the post and send heartfelt feelings of their affection in this my day of trial .. and I must thank them so for being so considerate .. but the only way to get over the moment is to be occupied and not allow the mind to drift ..

So I have just returned from … Shamitabh ..

… and then gone straight to dub for the Maharashtra Horticulture promotional films that we have made for the furtherance of the fruits of this state .. both in Hindi and in Marathi ..

And to morrow as the end draws near for the completion of the film ‘Shamitabh’ the mind starts to switch away to the next project …’Piku’ with Shoojit and Deepika and Irfan Khan ..

How facile we are  … one over, disconnect, move to the next ..!!

But that is the way it functions .. and we shall be reduced to thinking and working in such manner .. any attempt to change it or move away from the traits of the profession and one can safely say that your days are numbered .. !!

Today though at the shoot was a revelation .. a dead and relocated Mill in the middle of the city, textile mill, who were the backbone of the metropolis, is the venue of a newly constructed ‘in’ place in these parts - a Mall !! And my word .. they are stupendous and large and very like any other large Mall in any other part of the world ..

Its the Phoenix Mills and has it all in one complex .. shops, offices, Hotel, restaurants, clubs .. the works ! A joy to be in it and to be in wonder of the products and commodities on the sale block .. just like in any other developed nation … !!

But … missed the gym today and am like a tortoise on its back ! Tomorrow it shall be made up, substantially  …

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan