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Jul 21

DAY 2287

Jalsa, Mumbai            July 19/20,  2014            Sun/ Mon  2:55 am IST


that be the pensiveness from ‘Shamitabh’ .. it is getting exceedingly difficult to preserve a look for a film or occasion when we have millions of mobile cameras following us and immortalising us … thank you



And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the new LG G3 mobile .. to be inaugurated tomorrow .. !! Pretty darn good I have to say ..

Also a bit of detail about a brand that I endorse, this is a brand which is concerned about nutrition for the children - Complan. The team at Complan have devised this wonderful idea that connects kids with me. The product shows me as the Taakat ka bhoot who comes and helps give strength to kids. This advert in no way promotes the fact that ghosts exists, it is merely enhancing the fact that this milk protein based drink helps the young kids  in meeting their requirement of Proteins ,  Carbohydrates, Vitamins and  other Nutrients. Growing children need protein, the building blocks of growth and other vital macro and micro nutrients which offer specific benefits. Proud to be a part of this association.

The days’ journey in pictures is almost like watching the Discovery Channel .. I keep discovering where and what needs to be done, at which place and why ..

Fortunately there are some very hard working assistants and dedicated workers that enable us to be in good humour despite the trying circumstances .. they are young and at times flabbergasted by their responsibilities, but they are most sincere and loving and caring .. and endearing to the cause of they work they undertake .. and most of them are women !! Which is such a marked departure from the times of old when the only lady perhaps on set other than the heroine was her chaperon or `Mother .. ! Women power at its prime and so correct and important in today’s time …

Javed Akhtar, the prolific writer of many of my earlier films is of the firm belief that within the next 10 years … women shall be in power .. not just over the systems they connect with , but .. and this is most important .. over men too !!

When equations shall change what would the world and the universe be like .. its like changing history, geography and mathematics all in one deliberate blow ..

 I for one would welcome that and love it to happen … and I see many happy ladies on the other end of this conversation raising a toast or filling the atmosphere with an exuberant yelp..

God bless you all .. for really what would we ever do without them .. !!

What .. ???

Ponder and disclose .. perhaps another day ..?


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 20

DAY 2286

    Jalsa, Mumbai           July 19,  2014          Sat/Sun  1:09 am IST

Drugged by the travails or travel .. ahaha .. nice way to start the DAY today .. ohho .. it comes again, this play of letters .. english ij a funnny languaaaje .. happens at times .. but ..

So .. drugged by the travails of travel, sluggish and retarded in temperament, you leave the comfort of the duvet, the soft head gear, the darkness of pulled curtains, slipping into soft lined slippers of the night, wandering aimlessly almost to bring in the light, the day and the work threat, on to the varied electric switches that transform your being in the time it takes to light a bulb  …. and ….. at work ..

Varied and different .. cumbersome in some .. and nostalgic endings on others .. the time comes to bathe and refresh the mind to the offerings for the most important element in our system, and open up the top of the laptop ..( would have almost sounded crude had I stopped at some letters !! ) .. to be with the most eager and dedicated connect …THE BLOG !!!

The dreaded POLIO that I ambassadored for UNICEF, has been finally eliminated from the country, thanks to our our most rigid and painstaking efforts for the past 7-8 years, where the Government, the States and a very committed bunch of volunteers worked day and night in the entire country through great hardships and difficulties to spread the temperament of ‘do boon zindagi ke' .. those those drops of the polio vaccine that can save your children !

A commemoration of sorts is being conducted appreciating this work and to thank all those that took part in this campaign, later in a few days in Delhi. But today we shoot a film in that context and are at an early hour on location - a Veterinary Hospital - not for any other purpose but to use the building structure as an ideal back drop for the film. The Vet Hospital is an old and prestigious one, built by the British in the 1830’s and was and is one of its kind in the entire East Asian world .. it treats and looks after all kinds of ailments that are inflicted on animals, and I must admit it was a most rewarding experience to be let into an insight of the workings of the hospital ..

Some of the pictures that I have put up are an example of their work .. particularly put in the cats, for obvious reasons .. but most other pictures were to insensitive to put up … it showed the animals in very frightening conditions, in particular one cat .. and I thought it would disturb a lot of the EF, so I resisted and refrained.

The work done is then shifted to other locations, other facial transformations, and other projects .. all in a 24 hour schedule .. !!

The many facets and faces of my profession, do startle some, but I would like to believe that our domain exists within these exigencies .. and its acceptance needs to be given support and understanding ..

And now … live with some of them and allow me the liberty of a few relaxed moments at the GOT serial before getting back to the duvet .. and …

My love as ever to all …


at times there is a bit of humour and laughter and lightheartedness on work ..especially if its that diligent yet out of the box thinker MR Balki ..


same guy .. Balki I mean .. !!


At work with the Balkiist and his crew headed by the incomparable PC our D.O.P .. and a certain someone that happened to be at the airport location and refused to budge from the bench, devouring his coffee and mobile .. !!





No explanation needed for the above .. POLIO has been indeed eradicated from this Country ..!!


the ill little one waiting in the queue for treatment .. and the others below ..


sad eyes .. so sad ..


and this little kitty is on her way to the OT or the docs for treatment ..


…. !!! the sign board says it all !! brave guy, Sheru .. 




Selfies with the cast of ‘YUDH” .. a last day of shoot for all .. emotions gratitude thank you, shall meet again, et al …


Thank you cast and crew of YUDH .. it has been a most rewarding experience .. and as we write the show finishes a week of broadcast, and we build gradually to an intense and dramatic storyline in the days and weeks to come ..

More in discussion later on various matters that are desperate to burst out …


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 19

DAY 2285

Jalsa, Mumbai             July  18/19,  2014             Fri/Sat  1: 15 am IST

The body does not respond to any thoughts tonight .. it responded well at the work place, though a bit lethargic .. on sitting down in between work shots the head slumped off into a world of its own .. it is generally called dozing and it happens often with sleep deprived individuals ..

I am one of those and not too concerned with public nodding off .. they all think I am in deep thought for the scene … which could be correct from their point of view .. we do take advantage of that at times to show exaggerated involvement in the film shot, when there are those that probably would disturb your concentration on set. But that is a prerogative most well wishers crave - to be accepted. They are accepted and they deserve to be .. they make us and we often ignore those that did that for us ..

At times though it does get a bit out of hand, but then that is part of our circumstance and must be honoured and understood ..

At times the regard and affection is so large and powerful that they take the strangest of ways to express their affection. One need not go into all that .. it gives ideas .. but yes their desires need to be acknowledged and at times accepted too ..

We, as those that get that affection and notice, do face our own challenges, and that in all fairness is a cross we must learn to bear. Conduct in such situations does mean a lot, and it has been observed that the nature and tone of the conduct is generally set, not by the well wisher but by the celebrity themselves. We can invite acknowledge and justify our acts to a probable fan with great positivity. The reverse can happen too .. there are many examples of excessive affection leading to harm instead of love and care .. and vice versa …

But more of this mundane topic another time ..

Let us be ourselves within our own little world .. loved and admired by many, now in their millions. Our special platform is now the talk of many among the many .. and they simply cannot believe that we have been able to create and exist in this world for so long ..

The Universe and the World changes in 6 years … but we have remained steadfast and pure and sincere and caring and loving … to each other ..

May there be peace among us all, as we would it exist in other parts of the world too .. may there be compassion and respect … honour and deliberation .. the holding of hands rather than hands that destroy ..

Destruction begets destruction .. to destroy is painful .. to build is filled with hope and the brightness of our living ..

I ramble on .. this is not too good ..

Tried out a simple test sent to me by dear friend for long .. close your eyes and stand on one foot .. by raising the other, for 20 seconds !!

If you can successfully manage this you are safe from dementia, if not then your brain is leaning towards that condition soon … very soon … well actually in the later years .. !!

hahaha … ! Lovely to see so many of you immediately getting up from where ever you are to try it out ..

DO NOT I BEG … send me your results .. I know what it feels like and how .. I tried it and could not even remain in such position for a second ..

I am demented .. !! 

Done at an early age of say 30-40 it shall indicate that by the time you reach the 70’s its on !!

See you guys and galls .. its time for dementia .. err sorry inertia !!

Amitabh Bachchan 

Jul 18

DAY 2284

Jalsa, Mumbai           July 17/18 ,  2014           Thu/Fri  12 : 48 am IST

Creativity roars within, when it lives a life you wished it to .. it crumbles when you discover that you were perhaps right ; the medium though, wrong ! One may loose interest in one condition and be raised upon the highest mountain by another. The tethers that drag you to the depths of despair and morose indignation, suddenly break the shackles, and surface you to the brim of this vast ocean generously gifting you the liberty of free and oxygenised breath …

I suffocated for time and sustenance .. I laboured, pained myself, disguised my chores in masked silence and limited endeavour. But time in its inimitable presence and perpetuity, turned its wheel favourably enough. Enough to express here ; enough, to admit umbrage and disgruntlement.

Admiration for the squaring off enlightens most … mostly !

I am enlightened today .. ! But pessimistically plagued, I could be seeking it all over again by the ‘morrow.

That ladies and gentlemen is what the ‘balance’ dictates .. and so must it remain !!

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 17

DAY 2283

Jalsa, Mumbai          July 16/17, 2014          Wed/Thu  2 : 26 am IST

Back .. back to Jalsa, back to IST - Indian Standard Time , and back to the pouring rain .. its such a joy  .. though being away and meeting many friends and learning so many fresh thoughts and feelings is not one that cannot be missed also ..

Work it is that began the moment I landed and if the results show on my face then the travel and the distances covered, says it all ..

There was always a desire to visit South America, its enigmatic and exciting world for many a year .. in fact from the times of the school and college and work days .. to now see it fulfilled now is almost miraculous. I had given up the idea of ever getting an opportunity to visit Rio de Janiero, but time and place and fate plays different games. The trip has been so full of the culture and beauty of the region that it is almost certain that there shall be another visit .. and hopefully many more .. !! 

The body stresses, the mind plays well, the circumstances tell another story .. part of living I guess .. and a reason always to enjoy and be thankful for it ..

Just a simple smile an acknowledgement a shaking of the hand and the nod of a head, is capable of conveying so much .. and one wonders why this cannot be universally understood .. attempts are made, but fail .. why is the question that is asked and is being asked each hour of our living lives .. 

What may seem insurmountable now does indeed have many previous examples too … the World has never been shorn of intrigue and tension, of battle and conquest, of suffering and helplessness .. we all wonder when it shall all stop .. but each episode ends in that uncomfortable vacuum and then it starts all over again .. we have got used to referring to it as sad and unfortunate .. but these words are not adequate enough to describe the horrors that accompany them ..

It bears late .. around 3 am and there is work tomorrow for Balki .. it reaches a moment of ending soon … there is also the preparation for the fresh season of KBC and the new films of Shoojit Sircar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s produced films as also many others on a pending list ..

When one talks about them it looks ominous and fearful .. but when the work starts it all begins to fall into place .. with of course the obvious apprehensions and fears ..

Now they have become a part of us , these adjectives, these expressions .. I wonder if we have quite inadvertently made them a constant .. we should not but somehow they creep in .. talk of them encourages talk to not talk of them .. no talk of them brings in somehow situations that coerce and compel us to talk of them ..

Silence would be best .. but that too has its own frequencies of sound !

So with sound and silence .. a very good night !!!

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 16

DAY 2282

London, UK          July 15,  2014          Tue 8 : 55 pm gmt

" Have you stopped singing ?", says an elderly lady colourfully dressed as she walks up to me. I wonder if she has mistaken me for some pop music personality, perhaps from the region where I have just migrated from, but no. She be from Nigeria, and she be seeing Indian films, and she be thinking that all the songs in our films are sung by us !

"My generation people will remember you", she continues, "let me take a photograph to show to my grandchildren’ ! I thank her … 

"You are Ameeetub" !

"Err yes .."

( And an aside to myself .. ‘yes of course, I do certainly look like one, don’t I .. the ‘tub’ I mean !”)

I wish the fraternity of celebrity, would someday have occasion to recall some of their most rewarding encounters, with the well wishers and their illustrious fans ! It would be a sell out !!

But of that some other day and time perhaps ..

I am sorry for continuing to harp on the just concluded World Cup 2014 in Brazil, but a few observations I made need sharing and opinion.

None of the stars of this magical game - Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Rodriguez … none of their teams won the Championship ..

Ponder while I board .. they come to get me to the flight ..

Love and bye for now …

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 15

DAY 2281(i)

London, UK            July 15,  2014           Tue 12 : 45 pm gmt

I said I would try .. and I think it works ..

Me the lap and the Blog in it ..

Love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2281

DAY 2281

In the skies over Brazilian territory, approx. 35,000 feet    Global 6000 XRS 

July 14,  2014   Mon 7:05 PM local



An extraordinary experience has come to an end ! The World Cup 2014 Football Championships have ended last night at the famous and iconic Maracana Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, and to be witnessing these games in VIP enclosures, with the kindness of some very hospitable and warm hearted friends, has been just so incredible and most astonishing !

Having this eventful moment with Abhishek and Agastya at my side is a dream and a fulfilment for any Father-Grandfather I am certain. Such opportunities are rare, and I feel blessed that I could do this for them, with them …

It all started with a simple and most innocent, honest and loving request from the grandson, one that I just could not refuse .. at any cost ! The joy and happiness on the faces of your children is the ultimate emotion for any parent. We bring them into this world, care for them, bring them up with the best of intent and ability. Try to teach them what is best and good in life – conduct, ethics, culture, values … and so much more. Strangely, by the end of it all, there is still that feeling that enough was not done for them, that maybe we could have done better ; given them that little extra time and quality that they, we feel, needed. Its something that shall never leave us, and I for one shall ever feel thus.

Brazil has been a huge revelation. My first trip to this beautiful country, its people, its atmosphere and its smiling hospitality and its happy condition, a joi de vivré in the very environs, has been so overwhelming .. I cannot thank my hosts enough for this. Their personal care and every consideration has been like a family affair and I do look forward to reciprocating their hospitality in Mumbai some day.

The football and the games of WC14 have been most exciting. The experience of being live inside a stadium cannot adequately be described in words, it has to be felt and seen !

Some where as you drive down the friendly streets of cheering and flag waving singing fans, you observe the meticulous planning that has been put into this enterprise. Volunteers all over at every vantage point, eager to assist and help any and every possible problem that a visitor may have. Security .. goodness .. I have never seen so many police conditions at any event ever – men in uniform, on motorcycles, in vans armoured cars, in battle gear almost, lights flashing …

Gives a visitor a sense of safety ! An important impression to have for a foreigner.

As you are guided into the VIP lounge, the mingling of some of the greatest names in the game and out of it, non stop catering to every conceivable eats and drinks throughout, you look around in wonder as do many others about, at the friendly atmosphere and the anticipation of the game to follow …

And then suddenly you are guided through to the main door leading into the cauldron of the stadium …

Indescribable is still not justifying what that moment feels like. It is the largest adrenalin push that one can possibly conceive. Thousands, 60-70,000 fans of singing chanting dancing waving national colour flags t-shirts scarfs any … and the thing that could possibly be waved … and the roar of a million voices almost, just transports you to another world. There is a sense of freedom, of participation, of wanting to be liberated almost, of doing and behaving like one that you have never behaved like before … and so much more … and you do not know when and what to do, to start to get involved, to capture each and every second of your presence, to look around, to wonder in awe at this magnificent sight …

And then the ceremonies begin .. !

To me the most moving and hair raising moment is the announcement and the playing of the respective National Anthems of the teams involved. The music starts, the players sing and after there is no sound of the music … the entire stadium has taken over … they sing and emote and applaud, nothing of the music in the anthem is ever heard ..

Did you know that the Argentinian National Anthem does not have any words … just a tune .. which is hummed or toned along from its nationals if they join in. Its like giving voice to a symphony .. simply astounding. And I had the pleasure of experiencing this moment twice during my visit. Twice when Argentina played – once in the semi finals against Holland and then at the Finals.

The kick off is a switch on for a non stop juke box of patriotism .. songs composed for years, known to each and every national, irrespective of whether they are in the tiers or the special VIP boxes, erupts and continues non stop for this 180 minute spectacle.

The game has its own formulae, its strategy, its conflicts and its machinations but .. simultaneously there begins another game .. in the stands ! In this circular or oval crucible of gamesmanship, color, movement, gestures, voices are enacted in such unison that it would outdo even the most disciplined militia, known for their uniform and uniformity.

There are groups and bunches of fans that congregate at vantage points in the stadium. It is easily identifiable by that section, and a very large section, of the seating by a particular colour. Yellow for Brazil, white and blue for Argentina, orange for Holland and on … and when one very large section gives voice or motion to their form of cheering, no matter where the likeness may be seated, they shall get up in their seats and cheer along with them … they may be the lone voice in a somewhat somber vip box, or a singular individual that has had the ‘misfortune’ of finding the only ticket available to him or her, in the ‘opposition’ camp … but unabashedly they shall show their emotion .. each drop fills up the ocean .. each voice adds to the decibel of the cheering, no matter where it is coming from .. for the intent really is to out cheer the other ..

Each supposed goal bearing movement of their team, is accompanied by a roar of continuous appreciation, until it dies down when the ‘other’ has dispossessed him, and vice versa … on dispossession the jeers from the others begin and this massive verbal competition of the WC 14, continues and continues .. much after the game is over too …

Gentle personal battles and arguments among opponents erupt … no not on the field .. in the stands .. sharply and efficiently monitored by serious and heavy built stewards in orange covers, who move swiftly to the ‘crime’ and disperse, remove or subdue the ‘fight’ … or in some extreme cases, as did happen on the day of the Final, a streaker that ran onto the pitch in the middle of the game, only to be ‘grounded’ by stewards after giving them, I thought, a fairly competent run !!

But at the end of it all .. it is a very democratically fair sportsmen like environment that ensues .. at least from the little that I have seen - and I do know that there have been extreme cases too !

At the devastating defeat of Brazil by Germany, after noting that the situation would not reverse in their favour, the Brazilian fans expressed freely and loudly their ‘boos’ for their team, each time they touched the ball .. and at the end of the game gave a standing ovation to the winners, the Germans .. to me that was an electric and most endearing moment. It demonstrated a fair and understanding audience, sporting in countenance ! I applauded their applause !


Its getting on to 41,000 feet now and at cruising height it is time for some dinner and rest - there is provision for comfortable beds to be made within this private craft.

There is internet too .. ! Which is rather jolly ! And hopefully this missive shall go through ! I am wondering if being a tad closer to the multiple satellites swinging gently at 500 fps to the strains of the Blue Danube, is reason enough for this unique facility !!

I am going to attempt a picture .. attempt .. !!

Good night .. and remain well and safe and in peace and good health



Amitabh Bachchan

11 hrs of flying and in London just a while ago … resting and then connecting to another 9 hr flight to Mumbai .. tried to do the post on the flight, but it did not go through … bear with me .. love 




Jul 14

DAY 2280

      Rio, Brazil                July 13,  2014            Sun  11:57 pm local

Shalini Singh’s birthday is quite an affair to remember. But she is ill and bed ridden … may you continue to thrive in the days to come … all shall be too exciting to have you with us tomorrow, in spirit and word and deed .. lots of love from the entire group ….. 







The lap top seems to be dismayed by what ever has been happening in the hours within and when and how they wish to share their joyous occasion, after winning the World Cup 2014.

It has been a most clinical demonstration by the Germans, though a bit slack in the closing hours of the first 180 mins … but winners are winners and one wishes them the very best - I am told they started preparations for this World Cup 10 years ago … or so the coach says !

The game was exciting. It had a great amount of strategy and finesse, needed I am certain, by that typical German spirit, of never giving in ..

Many of the unknown are here and keep us busy with the auto graphs and the pictures ! Today’s discovery — are from Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Singapore, South Africa  (ministerial subject), Malaysia, Indonesia and one darling of a lady from the United Kingdom, who seeing the fuss about us, came up most bold in her attitude, wishing to take a photograph :

'because she heard some one state that, he which is I, am some kind of a celebrity !!' 

There was the game of the final … and it deserves a great deal more to be written, but perhaps there is not sufficient time … it is interesting and well observed, but of all that later …


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 13

DAY 2279

           Rio, Brazil                July 12,  2014              Sat 9:20 am

There is an attraction as you stand in front of this magnificence in Rio de Janeiro - Christo, Christ the redeemer ! Its situation and its making are almost God given. It evokes surprise, awe, brilliance and great religiosity.

There are times when we become speechless in the presence of such beauty and elegance and its religiosity. I am such today ..

Till we meet again … for tomorrow is the final at WC14 … Ger v Arg … and as the tension mounts, one cannot imagine that the neighbouring country does not show much in that direction - the beaches, the pavements, the road ways are all full of Argentinians waiting for the exalted moment. Some have converted their cars into mini Hotels. Yes true. Bathing in the sea ahead and then sleeping at night inside the car, for lack of Hotel space.

A friendly nation hosts another friendly nation next door .. !!


Amitabh Bachchan