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Apr 15

DAY 2190

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr 14/15,  2014                Mon/ Tue  1:38 am

I think at the time of confronting these elements that join and bring me closer to all, that is it not a wonder of science and diligent research, that has always stood us in good stead .. one that binds us all in an unusual hold, filling us in our happiness and our accomplishments, moving us in our time of distress and sorrow …

What and how did we confront similar, when they were absent and not discovered .. I wonder and still wonder too …

Apart from this though the mind wanders to all corners and comes up with some pertinent and valid ideas. Ideas that would dare not take up the time and elements of the ‘system’, but indeed welcome those that did ..

There is a desire most fertile and strong to be in the midst of my solitude .. amid the process of what bears the mind and the body ..

If music be that, then shall I welcome those that tune in line with the strains that excite me .. retain those notes into an extended form and be long enough to hear the heart beats in reverberation. That is ‘nirvana’ to me … and there have been many occasions that have not been under record for them to be noted discussed researched and written about ..

Many insist that an autobiography shall be fun. Yes …. fun to some, painful to others .. and those that belong to the ‘other’, you have been warned !! A Royal order has been passed, but it shall never perhaps be revered. Much too much is at stake on being the odd man on stilts ..!!

Stiltes aside, they come over to meet, giving impression and walk away. Their reverence in tact and striving each moment to be that one element that alludes them .. dignified recognition has many an answer … but what good shall they be to others … nothing perhaps until the fallacies of nature bring burden and despair to the ‘other’ ..

Ever wonder … I knew it … you will not and shall never ever ring an else in the house. Never !!

I would rather be in front of the camera ..

Peace and good will … watching seeing and observing ! and then concluding !!

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 14

DAY 2189

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 13/14,  2014              Sun/Mon  2:40 am

Frustration written large on my face .. and the anger of not being as savvy on these instruments that control almost everything in our lives  ..

My FB is not opening .. and it asks for my FB password on my given ID .. when I do fill in the password it says ‘incorrect’. Now … I may look dumb, but in practice I am often not ..

The password is stored with me, I remember it and I put in the right one .. but still it says ‘incorrect’. I am not hating the fat that it still does not work … I am hating the fact that I am missing my continuity of writing each day on all platforms .. !! DAMN !!

And … its too late for my digital team to function now .. so not till tomorrow morning shall I get to see the face of the FB ..

Good night … annoyed and angered and mouthing all the possible expletives one could gather for such occasions - the loss of writing on my FB !!


Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 13

DAY 2188

Jalsa, Mumbai             Apr 12/13,  2014             Sat/Sun  3 : 11 am

There is a desperate need now to be in possession of a ‘fevicolled’ manager or assistant or business manager along with me during the entire day of my day ..

The schedules, the meetings and the events and appearances that one encounters in the course of a day week month year, now catch up and with diminishing geometric progression, take away that, which I would have in normal circumstances been capable of handling ..

Not perhaps anymore though .. I need a human ready reckoner .. !!

The early morning shoot for the promos of the fresh season of KBC were accomplished, and rushed then to the PVR to attend the cleaned up version of ‘Bombay to Goa’ by dear friend Anwar Ali, brother of Mehmood bhai one of the greatest we have had .. to quickly battle the traffic after to greet another dear friend and now family, Prem Chopra who releases his biography … that over a meet with people from distant worlds, admirers that have long been desiring a personal interaction .. switched soon thereafter to a make up room for the look test for Balki’s film, which I start shooting within a week .. followed by the most exciting moment of the day - ‘Bhoothnath Returns’ at the private theatre at home with the kids and family .. watching their expressions and their squeals of laughter and their moments of silent emotion ..

But within all this .. a moment with music .. the piano in the office .. and I wonder why I just felt that some notes needed to be pressed and heard. The heart spoke, the body felt, the breath perfumed in its exhaling and the mind set itself with a whiff of achievement ..

Trouble with achievement is the moment that it is spoken of you lose it .. so best to avoid its mention ..

Sundays have been structured to give me an off day by the schedule team, but alas tomorrow there will be an all night shoot for the serial and permissions being the problem, we shall have to comply ..

One of the great qualities of success is the power and the strength to hold back … hold back the feel of the pounding heart that wishes to share but dare not .. it is self disciplined demeanour … one that identifies the man from a man ..

I am man enough to admit it … and acknowledge it … so help me God ..

Love forever .. ( yes … its one of those days .. !!)

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 12

DAY 2187

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 11/12,  2014             Fri/Sat  2:10 am

Ludmila .. wishing you a very happy birthday … good health and all the joys of life …

And the media interviews continue .. live and with unique technology. So one channel AajTak did a hologram interview where I stood in Mumbai and the anchor was in Delhi on the show, and I was standing in front of him, even though I was not there … 

Guess they can now take me an put me anywhere .. !

And so another event passes by … well almost … and another starts with hope and expectation and resolve. This is the way of life. This is what it teaches us, and this is how we conduct ourselves ..

Time taken, on occasion, is termed to be of excessive length ! True at times .. but … it takes time to justify a truth though it eventually does end the search for it .. a lie is instant, convenient, almost as though it had become the end of the argument, conclusive and final ..! But a lie shall get discovered .. it may take time but it shall ..

Took 25 years for the prosecutor in Sweden, investigating the Bofors scandal, to inform the world that my name had been planted in the paper work by vested interests in the country in order to implicate me, and that I was innocent and had nothing whatsoever to do with the scandal. Many suggested I move authority to find out who it was that planted my name, and why there was no reaction to it ..

A wise man though suggested, that I should let matters remain and not provoke any kind of displeasure or discomfort, or even explanation. No one should dare to take on ‘the system’, it was advised, and I kept that. What good would it really do, other than reliving those painful moments of false accusations ..

Even today .. every other day, petitions are filed in court against me for anything that I may have been involved in. Without fact or reason, these activities bring controversial implications with no proof of the said accusation, other than to bring unnecessary harassment and pain … each step that we take, needs to be measured, calculated and well thought out .. this should never be so in a free society ! But it prevails .. not just in India, but the world over ..

Ahh … well … let me not dwell in self pity ..

Laughter be and is the eternal cure .. takes more muscles to frown than to smile ..

And that ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is that .. but wait there is but one more … the replica of the film ‘Bombay to Goa’ as an invite to see the film in a resurrection process being done by my dear friend and colleague Anwar Ali, youngest brother to Mehmood ..

How much has changed since then … how much ….

And what tales of the time when shooting the film .. endless … someday there shall be elaborate description ..

Good night all 

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 11

DAY 2186

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 10/11,  2014            Thu/Fri  3 : 17 am  

NO … ! not without my Ef, never … it may be the following morning almost, but a commitment, is just that, a commitment !! 

Pictures are for you to see .. writings will be for the morrow .. 

Love to all … will elaborate later .. its an early call for the Tv serial shoot tomorrow .. and then more media till late into the night … !!

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 10

DAY 2185

Oberoi Dubai, UAE           Apr 9/10,  2014           Wed/Thu 2 : 45 am uae

Press meets , interviews, shifting from one microphone to the other, responses to the questions which sound and look the same, a trying time for the acumen of an actor .. tested and dried ..

an old Filmfare cover which needed to be signed and photographed .. gosh that was some long time ago … !!

and this little beauty, who walked through the crowd to give a gift she had wrapped herself for Aaradhya .. insisting that she open it to show me what it was, explaining the contents, putting it back the way it was wrapped and making sure I would give it to the right person .. a delight to be with kids … they are so simple and yet so vulnerable, yet so so correct ..

the Dubai EF in full force, t - shirts, banners, screaming yelling out .. thank you all ..

into the plane , a quick read, and even quicker nap … then out to face the public ..

errrrmmmm …. ya ! adorning or defiling an entire face of a high rise in man Dubai ..

photographing the press photographers …

….. and a selfie ..

and this dear gentlemen broke through the security cordon to dive at my feet, just to touch them and take blessings … despite the severe bouncers he did make it … grabbed both feet and refused to move until I gave him the blessings .. 

I get so embarrassed by all this show of affection ..

and this lad, voice challenged, but so keen to be a part of a promise to meet him … these are the emotions which no one can understand or fathom ..

THE EF …. !! Banners and all inside the theatre showing ‘BR”

Good night … early on plane again and back to Mumbai … and straight off to Swades Foundation function which we work on for the betterment of the villagers .. also to do a recitation to collect charitable funds for several projects for those in the rural areas ..

my love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 09

DAY 2184

Jalsa, Mumbai             Apr 8/9,  2014            Tue/Wed  3 : 27 am

It really is an exercise that at times becomes so repetitive that one wonders if what has been asked and said is worthy enough of being broadcast or printed … but there it was the entire day again today - more intense, more in number and more or less done to perfection … as far as the moment of the occasion demanded !!

But I must give credit to the media, in both the cities, Mumbai and Delhi, for having shown great respect not just to the ones they interview, but also to the film per se .. their questions were pertinent and intelligent, and our responses were treated with the regard that this story and film demanded .. thank you both print and electronic media .. !!

Rushing today after the promotions were over, caught the plane back to Mumbai and on landing went straight to join the rest of the family for a quiet and cozy dinner to bring in Jaya’s birthday on the 9th .. 

The children from Delhi are all here too and the house is filled with their laughter and play .. it is the most endearing moment in the life of any parent or grand parent ..

And then …. the excitement of a Chelsea game for the Championships, with Paris SG where we had to win by 2 goals to enter the semi finals .. and we did it right at the last moment, to loud screams , waking up the others who were in bed … hhaah ha …

Ah, the simple joys of life ..

Tomorrow early morning back on plane to Dubai for the premier and then back by evening to Mumbai … for the next day and the next engagements and work … 

Most repeated question at the media events : ‘how do you get the energy to do so many things in a day’ .. 

Answer : I haven’t the foggiest !!

Ok …. so its time for bed … early morning flight to the UAE

Good night or morning which ever is more pleasant !!




Securing my future … as above ..



Amitabh Bachchan

ps: happy birthday to Bhawana B Rao … love always 

Apr 08

DAY 2183

Jalsa, Mumbai               Apr 7/8,  2014               Mon/ Tue  12 : 26 am 

Its a hard life when one has to market what one has worked on … I would have imagined that once the work is done it is the work that should speak, not those that have worked on it ..

So off on a plane to the Capital New Delhi, and straight into interviews and conferences … all the print media , Tv media and several more ..

Later in the day connecting via Skype to Uk, London and in other parts of the world … quite amazing ! Pakistan, UAE, Australia and on …all for an interview and to speak of the film and its relevance in today’s life ..

Its been tiring … finished last night by 3:30 am and was on plane by 6 am, and straight on landing taken to interviews and press ..

It is time to recover …

So shall be with you early tomorrow ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : its the birthday of Bhavana B Rao and we wish her a most pleasant and successful years ahead … love from the entire EF

Apr 07

DAY 2182

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr 6/7,  2014            Sun/Mon   12 : 17 am

Another Sunday comes and goes by .. another show of affection and love warms the heart .. another moment in my memory of events passes and as I walk back from the gates I often contemplate and think .. why and how it keeps happening ..

To me it has always been a wonder and a delight .. to others I wonder. i can understand the concern and the care that gets expressed, but wonder if it merits this longevity.

I have several theories of it, not all of my own making but still of some merit. Prateeksha and Jalsa are both situated at the corner of the entire colony, strategically a natural collection point. Even if I were not to be staying there it would attract humanity - its a most natural tendency among many in many different locations .. that desire to get together at a common point, to just drift, to exchange thoughts words and deeds, to converse, to just get away from the constriction of limited housing into a free spacious area …

Sundays .. well it helps if your residence is located at the entrance of a lane that goes to the beach and the sea .. a relaxing moment to paddle into the waters during the hot day, to get that moment with the family on the sand and be in the company of their delicious sweet meats and wayside restaurants or thatched informal eateries .. the ‘bhutta’, the ‘chaat’ the coned ice cream, that ride on a buggy, the horse carriage decorated with coloured and neon lights .. just those free moments with the children after a heavy week at work ..

And then as you come away how wonderful to stop by at the gates of your celebrity, which happens to be in close proximity, and give the kids and the wife that ‘see’ moment, before heading home …

So the crux of the matter is that you need to be living at the corner, and by the common path to the sea .. QED … !!


The Flag, the tricolor, the ‘tiranga’, the ‘rashtriya dwajh’ flies on the roof of Jalsa, as must it should on every Indians home. There were restrictions to where the national flag could fly earlier. But a concerned citizen, an industrialist, a Member of Parliament, move the courts and insisted that flying the tricolor should be the right of every Indian at the appropriate places if they so desired ..

The moment the judgement was given I put it up on all my residences and places of work or structures that were not official but private. There are certain regulations and conditions when you fly the National Flag, and they must be adhered to. They must be of an indicated specification, they must be made of ‘khadi’, they must be bought from a particular place, now in Bangalore, and they must be taken down at sunset ..

Its just a piece of cloth with certain specific colors and codes and meanings, but look at the respect and dignity it demands. Look how we all identify with it in different parts of the world. Look at the place of pride it brings every time you see it hoisted or flown - at events, in sports, at formal gatherings. It becomes a unifier of citizens. You fight for it, you play for it, you hold it close to your chest, you hold it up in the air for national recognition, you wave it and sing its anthem, you respect it by standing to attention, saluted if in uniform, hand on heart in some and in others a silent unmoving demeanour in the stance .. just a piece of cloth, and look how much it gets from us all .. because of our belief that it is OURS .. it is our life, our living, our strength … Jai Hind !! 



And the people at the Jalsa Gate on this Sunday .. my love and blessings and admiration to all .. heart swelling with emotion and pride !!


This one above does not need any introduction ..


There is travel now again in the early morning hours to the Capital, to promote, to market ‘BR’, to talk to the press and the media, both within and without the country .. there is Skype for an International interview to UK and the US .. and subsequently the premier in Dubai on the 9th as things stand … in matters of schedules dates and times change rapidly.

Remember you have warned …

Ok …. so we lost to Sri Lanka in the World Cup final T20 tonight .. yes disappointed, but proud of our team and our boys for reaching the final, against the best teams in the world .. it was just not our day and the better team won … congratulations to Sri Lanka, who played really well ..

'Man ka ho toh achcha … na ho toh zyada achcha'

Good night dear ones … and may your wishes continue for ‘BR’ .. that is all that remains within our limits .. the rest now to be relied upon by the ‘janta janardhan’, the people ..

In the end the final outcome always lies with the masses ..


Amitabh Bachchan

ps : and birthday greetings to Magdalena .. remain well and in the company of affection and care  ..

Apr 06

DAY 2181

Jalsa, Mumbai             Apr 5/6,  2014            Sat/Sun  2 : 39 am

Daylight fills the day, and its fall fills the night

Exuberance of the time, and expectation feeling right ..

It is not what others say that fills our hearts with hope

Its the value of our work that must be given the rope

Fear not what has been done, it cannot be undone

Results will speak for us now from another tongue ..

When one has passed and one is due

When moving on is but our cue ..

Remember what we learnt to say

Another gone another in fray ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan