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Sep 13

DAY 2341

Jalsa, Mumbai            Sept 12/13,  2014             Fri/Sat  12:16 am

Attention concern and its span is eternal, continuous and without bias .. on this platform .. those that believe and consider else, need to shut their minds and reopen them .. they are clouded with impressions that do not suit civil and ethical thinking. They are complexed with vexed tales that have never borne any legs or hands or feet … they are clueless and without any guidance .. their minds may be sharp and literate, fond and elaborate, but if they are not tuned to the sympathetic strings of the compassionate instrument of wires, they are playing the wrong notes .. indeed they are playing no notes at all …

Love and affection and concern is all encompassing, fine, but living up to it is another exercise. If one cannot do it change the gym or the routine of your bodily strains. Insinuating is a weak impression. It shows mirrored in its deficiency each time it is put before us …

Do not show me my mirror … I see mine each moment of my breathing life .. and may I say it breathes well and healthily .. 

Site and found could well be distanced by the technology of the moment. I do not scientifically invent nor do I manufacture aesthetics, culture or convention … they are with me … but not at my command in this venture ..

When I shall get visual command then and only then shall I notice .. else nothing .. my own sitting before me have often given … and I have not received .. fight technology, not me ..

I am but a singing minstrel … re capping the words that have been fed by the other .. I sing yes, not in the sense of tone or voice, but by adage … if there shall be discrepancy I shall bring forth the adage … !!

Work shall not deter me … my condition will … my condition is guided and abetted and conducted by what my mind tells it to be .. my mind tells me to hold up the mirror to the one that I face .. do not turn it around to reflect another image … I do know what that other is … 

Good night 

Amitabh Bachchan

Sep 12

DAY 2340

Jalsa, Mumbai            Sept 11/12,  2014            Thu/Fri  12:27 am

EF Neeraj is to be birthdayed today .. with heaps of love and affection from all of us .. ENJOY !!

The strain and the shocking visuals form Kashmir, again give us a glimpse of the suffering and the pain that our brothers and sisters in the Valley go through. Nothing can be described, nothing can even come close to a description of the devastation. We are in prayer and in hope for some relief that can come to those stuck or surviving somehow. In our own little way we have been making contributions and giving out awareness briefs … but nothing can come as compensation for the historic and mammoth damage that the floods have done to this ‘paradise’ …

But as you depress with the situation, there is a need to continue work that is on a professional commitment, and so you do … with some rapidity and urgency to be able to get back to office for further readings of VVC’s film. The readings are taking some kind of shape in character and performance, on table. What happens though at the level of the actual shoot, will of course be much much different and enjoyable. It is enjoyable even now, but when the camera rolls, there is mind and thought only on your mouth and in your mind .. we never know where it comes from, but so far the Almighty has been kind and adjusting, and compassionate !!

One of the givens in our lives is the desire to replicate perform or manufacture all, the moment we think about it  .. if only it could happen …. what a place it would become ..

Purists frown and object to our attention span given to our work .. but I have never seen any such … I always remain with the character and the strain of reading your space of work … !!!

And endless go the pictures of the day … a day that marks the end of all that gets philosophical. It is our nature and in our genes and blood and matter what else, but yes we do get all standed up ..

Life becomes more and more an illusion … a never ending path of whatever has been deserved by me ; so scratch shots are always a necessity, before the final …I think the WCF in Brasil is an excellent example

Fear not that which never exists, or pretends to be free from life. Fear them and those and that … they who can never stop the flow of the story !! Irrespective !!!

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Sep 11

DAY 2339

Jalsa, Mumbai            Sept 10/11,  2014             Wed/Thu  1:24 am

Ganesh Lahoti … a very happy birthday to you from all of us … have a good one .. !!

I have but pictures today and only .. the conversations shall occur presently .. its time to rest .. for tomorrow is work … and more work !!

Work on the readings and rehearsals for the next film with Bijoy Nambiar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra .. and then a invite by Deepika and Finding Fanny .. a delightful film !!

A now to bed for tomorrow its work with gusto .. ! Almost getting back to normal  .. more tomorrow and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Sep 09

DAY 2338

          Jalsa, Mumbai              Sept  9,  2014             Tue  10:35 pm

The body gives an indication that it can be tested .. and so it is .. and it works with some generosity .. not entirely , but some … enough to perhaps last a day more at the tables that lay forth the medications ..

I do not know whether there is need to inform conditions of being, but because it is Ef there really is no need for any distance .. and so out it comes ..

Oops ! dropped my mobile … !

haha .. cat lovers ecstatic … and this head of family shows consideration towards them … just so you realise that the feline is a welcome entrant ..

So … yes .. ah , the conditions of health ! yes they be improving, albeit with some degree of hesitation in their ultimate progress .. but percentage improvement at least ..

What a difference a recovered body makes … suddenly all that seemed beyond reach and condition, is just a breath away and wanting more .. this mass of flesh within which resides the ultimate humanity, is simply quite unique and  distinctive .. the more we live with it or the more we are able to spend time with it the greater we learn of its resilience and its worth ..

Our work on the next film with Vidhu Vinod Chopra, has begun with class like readings and discussions, on table .. it is a wonderful exercise to be able to go through an entire script with the entire cast, and yet have some reserve stored up for the final moment when we shall all be facing the camera, instead of a written and bound script, with that ominous looking producer Vinod, looking down upon us with fierce and hard workmanlike expressions .. !!

Suddenly almost magically the clouds of monsoon grey have diminished and I get to see in the night sky .. a Moon !! methinks it makes its presence felt in our vision after almost three months … and its sight is quite quite beautiful ! I also believe that moving out from one environ to another does create that needed relief from the claustrophobic air of your stable and unchanged surrounding .. it is quite possible then that the condition of the virus has decided too, to ‘take a pleasant walk’ as it were .. leave my being, and perish in its own stench !!

Kept awake somehow last night to watch the Final’s of the Men’s US Open, Tennis and to see the giant Croat, Cilic demolish diminutive NishiKori in straight ace driven 133 mph serves and set !!

But credit to NishiKori .. first Asian in the US Open ever … that is some accomplishment .. and to Cilic, what a moment to missile rocket his way to the grand slam victory .. 

Sport does have its own dedicated charm and presence. For me it rates much much higher than the news in the news hour minute second !!

The condition in the Valley of the Gods, Kashmir and in particular Srinagar, now deluged by rain and flood not seen in such immense condition since 1928, is heart breaking .. men women children lost and grounded on roof tops and higher climes, is a devastating sight. This heaven , this paradise, reduced to a muddy stretch of swelling waters, is not what we have ever associated Kashmir with … it is most depressing and sad and filled with a sense of helplessness .. may the God’s have mercy on those that suffer, and may they all remain safe and in good condition .. prayers !!

Nature in its fury, is beyond imagination … either to perceive or discern ..

My love to all .. 

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2337

Jalsa, Mumbai             Sept 8/9,  2014              Mon/Tue  12:19 am

Shameera .. happy birthday .. love and happiness to the ‘Mard’ .. and many more coffee sips with the Kapil Dev !!

Tatiana : greetings on your Anniversary … from us all .. enjoy !!

जो नहीं था अपने पास ,
दूसरों में देखा तो पाना चाहा ..

जब वो मिल गया जो दूसरों में देखा,
तो किसी और को न मिले, ये चाहा  I

~ अमिताभ बच्चन

It never is possible, yet we do desire that what we have, does not be with another ‘have’ ..

And no matter how generous we may feel about our sentiments and its values, no matter how liberal and democratic our thoughts may be, some where hidden inside the portals of our DnA’s is this strong possessiveness of being the one, the only, and no other !

Which I might add is rather stupid !

That dress we wore, that jacket or that clutch .. those sprinkled high heels, that exclusive unattainable model of your automobile … that moment shared with celebrity or state power, the nature of the meet, where in which circumstance and how .. mode of travel to some unknown destination .. unknown not to us to to the others .. mode .. the class on airline or the private jet, hotel of stay and quality of room … the knowledge of unreachable cuisine .. the shops visited and what purchased .. the immediate need to know where or how the ‘other’ got what and how .. the quickest reason to get there to be in possession of not that was bought by the other, but to be in possession of that which the other does not have by a long margin of price .. the need to buy up every model of the purchase, not because you like them all, but because you wish to prevent the ‘other’ from getting it …

Rank, position, value, status, grade, echelon, power … 

How much time and energy we waste on this futility .. a futility that will perhaps drive your limited adrenalin a notch or two higher for those mili seconds and then dissolve .. dissolve with great rapidity, because just as you had impressed your point to the ‘other’ ..’another’ across the room just walked in and slammed you to the floor, with their possession …

This endless cycle of acclaim and egotistical ballet, benefits not the dancer on stage, but that choreographer who so meticulously has designed Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’, by the Kirov Ballet in such novel a manner, that we shall sway to their elegance and style, in precision .. but never think back on the few that change form season to season, time after given time, year after manufacturing year, to keep that spirit of ‘me better than the other’ alive .. when that is alive they be alive too ..

Modern technology has reached such advancement that it is difficult to not have imagined the future today .. but do we display knowledge of it .. perhaps not … for, it does not make good business .. we know what the next generation of medicine, computer chip, aircraft, couture shall be - TODAY !! Yet releasing it today shall prevent the milking of the progression that the invention went through commercially … release it yes … but gently and gradually .. the product shall last longer … !!

They equate me with the philosophy of the above and seek from me that I hold back and give unto the ‘other’ in pieces, in short but meaningful jerks .. never to give it all .. the mysticism shall evaporate .. 

Mysticism .. ??

When you are in term with the mysticism, what mysticism are they talking of holding back !! 

Years and time by your servile side, makes for such argument to have legs to stand on .. any other, sounds puerile and un imaginative …

Yes imagination rules .. but only if it is just .. !! Any other will sound and look like a played 78 rpm vinyl disc, worn away by that rusted pin needle that swings above it through each shellac-based groove, until it is worthy of just a slip through instead of a regulated symphony …

" What we did not possess, we wished to possess like what was with the other ..

When we did possess, that which the other did, we did not want any other to possess it ..”


Amitabh Bachchan

Sep 08

DAY 2336

      Jalsa, Mumbai               Sept 7/8,  2014                Mon  1:37 am

I can never explain this but there is a specific joy in meeting up with the Ef.. there is a peculiar feel of oneness, of joy and happiness, like meeting up with a long lost friend or a family member coming home after a long while ..

Met some today at the Sunday well wishers time and felt so wonderfully warm and gentle .. there is so much respect in them .. this I am unable to explain, but it is there !

The enthusiasm was immense at the doors and gates of Jalsa, and as I walked to greet the Sunday visitors, I felt like I was coming back to be with my family again. Thank you all … but a word of caution … especially for the ladies. 

Be very careful … there are certain elements in the crowd who have defined a rather flimsy excuse of not being responsible for the gold necklaces being stolen by a gang of so called well wishers. Beware ! not to yourself … yes to yourself of course, but more so those that hover about you ..

And those that steal, remember … I have cameras recording all that happens outside and inside both. The Police have asked me for all that raw footage, shot during Sunday at my house, but I had to tell him that this would have been a had to say moment .

The time of night beckons me for an early rest … so ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Sep 06

DAY 2335

       Jalsa, Mumbai             Sept 6,  2014              Sat  10:52 PM

Renate … the adventurer … the mystic searcher … turns 60 …!!

Happy birthday for this auspicious year according to our beliefs ! May it bring you eternal joy and happiness and the zest for distant travels ..

How modified the word ‘death’ becomes when it occurs. There is almost a glimmer of reverence in its description. And how majestically its mention gets incorporated in the language of the region or state.

The most apt description for it in true word is of course :

" He is dead !"

Somehow, it never ever sounds ethical to refer to it thus. So a certain politeness was introduced in speech.

'He passed away, or has passed away' .. sounds considerably more eloquent than 'he died, or is dead'! They give the moment a destination too .. 'he has moved or is at a better place', 'he is with the angels', and 'it was HIS calling and went'. There are some references where they tell you in what manner it should be described … 'it was time' ..

The more rougher versions have been no less attractive, eg. in the language of the Mafia .. ‘he sleeps with the fishes !’

BUT in all there is a certain dignity that accompanies the tale.

In Hindi too there is a certain respectability to the event ..

'unka swarg vaas ho gaya' - he has his home in the heavens !

Or at times they use another word ..’dehant’ .. ‘unka dehant ho gaya’ !

'Deh' .. the body, 'ant' .. the end .. 'dehant' , end of the body .

In Mumbai though I have often heard the more common usage among the general public, a word from the English Language .. its peculiar, but apt, short and sufficient ..

Its :  ’so and so OFF ho gaya !’ OFF ?? It amused me when I heard it for the first time, but then as I learnt to live with it, I felt it to be succinct and quite apt ! On many an occasion one has been philosophical for the moment and often spoken in terms of ‘the light has gone out of our lives’ , as did Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister as he stood on the gates of Birla House in Delhi that fateful evening, to announce to the world the death of the Mahatma - Mahatma Gandhi !!

To the common then the putting off of the lights in a room, putting it into darkness, was similar to the ‘off’ used at the time of death for an individual. It was synonymous with that switch being put off, on the light board of the room !!

Grieving then becomes another aspect of the ‘passing’. Days months year, the 4th day or the ‘chautha’ or the twelfth, the ‘barahvi’, or the ‘teravien’, all manifested into our beliefs as being auspicious moments when the soul shall travel to its final place in the heavens ..

These are stipulated and perhaps been with us through generations. Certain formalities of prayer and attire and attitude and conduct are carried out. Till the 4th day or the 12th or the 13th no food is cooked in the house of the deceased, it all comes from friends and relatives who feed the family. White is the color of mourning here in this country, black in the Western world. No celebrations for a year after the death in the house by the family .. and many other such ..

Some burn the departed, some bury them, some leave them to the vultures to feed on, as in the Parsi community. Rituals and prayer and other forms of protocol is followed. Many keep in deep anguish and sorrow, many celebrate the going away with music and dance. Some are conscious or superstitious of certain events - travelling on the road in the opposite direction of the ‘arthi’ or the dead being taken in procession, is considered better than to be going in the same direction. The reasons being the obvious !

And the mind … what of the mind. Do we accept the loss immediately, start being practical or lament and grieve till we drop. In a material world, life goes on, yes there is remorse, but there is the concern for the morrow and the attributes it shall bring. Some look at this with disdain and not too pleasantly, others not. Both have legitimate reasons for their behaviour, and both may be right in their own way …

So many images and questions in the mind during such moments, it is difficult to pin even one of them … because … we are dealing with the life lost of a human !!

The attendances then of expression of the loss for the others .. the prayer meetings, the gathering of those that one seldom meets or sees, but they are there for the moment ..

Want to express friendship to your friend  .. never forget the wedding invite … but most importantly never ever fail to be present at the funeral .. !!

In this most ‘black’ context may we end for today and look for tomorrow with hope and a reborn enthusiasm !!

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Sep 05

DAY 2334

Jalsa, Mumbai                Sept 5,  2014                Fri  11:23 pm

In deepest grief and shock ! 

Just lost one of our most sincere staff member - suddenly ! Been with us for 30 years managing our Delhi home and office ! Spoke to him this morning approving his request for a week’s leave to attend to some family matter, and now .. gone !

Children addressed him as Uncle, he brought up both Abhishek and Shweta from when they were almost toddlers. Young and healthy, in his 50 , no indication of any ailment, left Sopaan our home in Delhi for his place, had a flat, took it to repair, and collapsed at the garage with a massive cardiac arrest.

The suddenness of life and its ways ..

Has left all of us numbed and in absolute disbelief !

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2333

          Jalsa, Mumbai            Sept 4,  2014            Thu  10:52 pm

The innovative Indian .. deprived of any modern technological development .. deprived of the commercials many operations require … deprived of better and more efficient inventions in every day life .. just deprived ..

BUT … never disappointed or defused ! He and she both manufacture and develop individually the ‘innovation’ required to do the same job, done with other greater and more modern facilities in the rest of the developed world, with the same amount of time and efficiency that is required. That is India. That is innovation. That is the common man genius - often ignored and never given light !

The developed world finds ways and fresh inventions to improve on the past. On how the errors could happen and why they need to be addressed. They do so continuously. They do so with with the greatest of efficiency. One that sets examples for the rest of the world to follow.

BUT .. those that are deprived of such facilities and means to rectify or improve them, remain still with those innovative home made ideas, that work perhaps not in the same formal manner, but almost like a home grown invention that does sort out the problem with the same results. Perhaps not always recommended but done all the same ..

Have problem with your latest mobile or computer or gadget and there is that way side vendor, insignificant in appearance, non formal in appearance, shed like structure posing as a mechanical studio, ready to deal with it in much the same efficiency and faster than that, on call mechanic, from the ‘firm’ .

The ‘innovative’ Indian .. much different to the more recognised - ‘Argumentative Indian’ .. authored by Nobel laureates .. !!

They both have a significant presence in our world in our society, in our ethos, but the ‘innovative’ always shall steal a march ahead, purely because he or she is virtually unknown or unseen. 

Walk along the paths or streets of the city or the rural and discover how they adjust to that which is not available to them. How they invent to be in use of the facility, which would perhaps never come to them either due to deficiency in means or simply because they are not exposed to it …

In the modern affluent world of today there are options a million to get the same facility. In the not so affluent world there is no such option and they still work to keep up with the Jones’s …

They manage .. as do the others .. but their management deserves notice and admiration because they are not in possession of that which the others have. They invent. Which is why they are inventive. Which is why they the ..

" Innovative Indian " …

The festivities of Ganesh continue on the streets each night and day. There is music and bright lights and dancing and blaring sounds, both stationary and mobile. The traditional instruments of ours have been rapidly replaced by the modern electronic gadgetry - the RJ and the sound boxes and speakers and disco lights and discs and head phone and swish turntables, all running in procession by the side of the Ganesh, aptly being ceremoniously draped and carried by traditionally dressed and attired women and men ( some of them ), as the young shake rattle and roll to the raunchy numbers of the latest ‘flick’ ..

It is that one moment in the lives of the common that gives them the freedom of expression and joy, of happiness and rejoicing, of gay abandon and free spirit, of voice and rhythm .. expressing themselves in all possible forms of obeisance to their loved deity !!

Faith and belief are the strength of all that humanity is about. It is not always religious. Religion itself developed from it. Made it strong and veritable. Such was and is its strength that it becomes the guidance of character, action and device, moral obligation, social norm, and that which we all lean on - barring the atheists of course !

 I do not know if there is that ‘someone’ that listens to us when we remember ‘HIM/HER’, or someone that fulfils our wishes through prayer, or ‘HIM/HER’ that guides us through the dense and dark lanes of our lives .. but whoever it is, is a force that needs reckoning and belief .. 

There is nothing quite so visual to present you with today. There is no story to tell which would make this missive attractive. There are just such that ruminate our existence in such hours which perhaps are best left unsaid ..

Humanity keeps a lot to itself ..

All that is historically disclosed and believed may not be historically or disclosure correct ..

If the air waves carry what we converse today through modern ‘utensils’ .. would there be a time when we could recreate through sound, the waves that existed from the time of the Earth as a planet ..

Where do these speaks of us go to ? Where do they disappear in the wilds of the air ? What is that which is held back in our self and never aired ? Does that have a release too ? Where and how ?

"Prashn poocha jayega soacha jawab ??"

Tell me if you do ..

My love ..



Amitabh Bachchan

ps: happy birthday Reeham for the 5th of Sept .. love always

Sep 04

DAY 2332

    Jalsa, Mumbai             Sept  3/4,  2014             Wed/Thu  12:30 am

यूँ बैठे बैठे समय बीत जाता है ,
ख्यालों में डूबते डूबते मन ऊब जाता है
किसे पढ़ें किसे देखें
किसे खोजें किसे फेंकें
विचलित करते हैं ये सवाल कमरे के सूनेपन को
दीवारें कहीं बोल पातीं , तो बहुत कुछ मिलता सुनने को …..

~ अमिताभ बच्चन

Silence and solitude make from you strange characteristics, and indulging in poetry is one. Despite the fact that many among us will not be able to read or understand it I shall hope that someone shall and pass it on the other ..

Its been a day of immovable joy .. stuck in one position, one form, one situation .. and perhaps in the days to come it shall remain so .. I do look forward to them … they are challenging and filled with interest and adventure ..

Challenging because it takes one a while to adjust to the fact that there is no routine or set graph of work or conduct .. interesting because you do not have a plan to adhere to and you try to keep finding one .. and an adventure because life’s many facets are all an adventure .. each day is different and complex and rewarding and accommodating  …

the many facets and faces of KBC ..

 the affection of the audience and the EF at the game show ..ecstatic 

the ladies … what can one say .. love them all for their warmth

this gentleman has made an absolutely unique work on my films … the name of every film of mine from Saat Hindustani in 1969, till the latest, he has marked and found their release dates and … AND against them found rupee notes with their numbers tallying with the date of release .. took him 2 years to put it all together … AMAZING !!

More KBC and then … time for the rest .. it has been taken and shall continue to be taken till I fully recover .. khush !!

Love to all and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan