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Apr 06

DAY 2181

Jalsa, Mumbai             Apr 5/6,  2014            Sat/Sun  2 : 39 am

Daylight fills the day, and its fall fills the night

Exuberance of the time, and expectation feeling right ..

It is not what others say that fills our hearts with hope

Its the value of our work that must be given the rope

Fear not what has been done, it cannot be undone

Results will speak for us now from another tongue ..

When one has passed and one is due

When moving on is but our cue ..

Remember what we learnt to say

Another gone another in fray ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 05

DAY 2180

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 4/5,  2014             Fri/Sat  1:01 am

There are times in the lives of a Blog when one wishes that there is so much understanding that having to say something is quite unnecessary !

I am in such disposition .. a hankering for some time for the body of this labouring individual to do what seems best for him to do ..

Pictures at times say more than words .. I hope and wish that those pictures that follow shall do needful ..

My love always .. the truth is that ‘True Detective’ beckons me ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 04

DAY 2179

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 3/4,  2013            Thu/Fri  12 : 33 am

A question : where be this location …?

Or perhaps this :

Many promotions later and many efforts to be on shows that value well on television ratings, a day when the value of presence is dedicated to the client and product that requires sale ..

So is there an agreement or a disagreement on its oneness in conceptuality, or exercise ? I fear that many intellectuals would prefer to get into the skin of the argument and have varying views .. that is understandable. Topics such as these do often ignite the fire of debate, reasoning and justification. But I do believe that there would be no argument, if the executor of the deed were to be brought in. After all, he or she or it, is a mere contractual entity generously squeezed in to aggrandise the product.

Promoting a film, is termed as a marketing device and a necessity for the betterment of the returns invested. One invests to get better returns, or at least dwell in its security. Involving oneself in a campaign through a visual medium, is also a promotion of the product. Is one then, better than the other ? Is one correct and the other incorrect ? I would not have answers to this. And even if I did my opinion would deserve some bias eventually. The commercials would step in and that would become the decisive factor …

Films demand a promotional effort in these times. That first week end needs to be filled. For, that would form the recovery on the costs and business of the product. Gone are the days of 25 week and 50-75 week runs. Of Jubilees that were looked upon with such fervour and expectation. Now its the ‘slam bam’ ideology. Get it over with, collect the profits and move on to the next. Dwelling on the product, allowing it time to sink in, to gently move into the minds and hearts of the audience is over. That crucial first week is the indicator of all that we would have considered in the times gone by. An impatient and restless audience does not have the inclination or the spared time to allow indulgence with time.

Someone made a commercial comment on two of the recently released films. He stated that the one week box office collections of one, would still be more than the lifetime collections of the other. Maybe. But could it not be that the latter would be remembered for a lifetime and the former for just a week !!

What then would be the gauge to address merit ?

Let me guess … it would be a tie in an ideal situation, but the commerce would rule eventually !

What then, and this is an obvious extension of the argument, signifies status ? Quality or quantity ?

'Success in competition is usually signalled by more lavish consumption, but it need not be, nor need this be the motive for competition. Possession of money may be a sufficient index of success, without the need to display this possession in costly objects …'

'In the upper echelons of the business world, money is sought after not only as a means to consumption but as an index of superior achievement..'

'…. one of the late richest men in the world put it ( quite succinctly ), that money is ” just a way of keeping score “. ‘~

May this debate rest along with the rest that is required by its perpetrator ..

Good night and sleep well …

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 03

DAY 2178

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 2/3, 2014             Wed/Thu  4 : 10 am

The fault be not mine .. I finished late .. but shall amend its make .. in time at stake ..

It was the moment of the promotions of ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, and an activity that never ever occurred to us in the good old days, when with just nothing to put out, films went out to do, 25, 50 and 75 weeks … some a few years ..

But now when the business of the business is gauged by the results of the first three days of its release, one is pushed into believing that given the circumstance it is not such a bad idea to sell the product before its screening, and get that magical figure by the end of the week ..

So there are interviews in print, in magazines, on FM radios, on Tv channels, on Tv shows that garner high TRP’s … and the awkward moment is getting on to the various and diverse mediums to answer the same questions in different styles … but today was different ..

Went on to ‘Comedy with Kapil’ and had a ball with Kapil his team and Boman and Parth, the little child in the film. That went on till about 11 pm … shifted thereafter to another set and ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma, and have just returned, after saying a ‘Hi’ to Abhishek who shoots on the next open air region in the same Film City for ‘Happy New Year’, with Shahrukh, Deepika, Boman  on a massive electronic set ..

Schedules, time lines are all getting blurred .. as must they should when a film is on release .. but have to say, it is a lot of fun ..

Love you all …

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 02

DAY 2177

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr 1/2,  2014            Tue /Wed  1:17 am 

Kashmira Grewal : its her birthday today April 1, and we all wish her a wonderful day, months and years to come .. may she remain happy and healthy always .. lots of love from us all ..

The ‘hoodie’ swells up on the cast of the body when it is subjected to interview after interview, and disappears into the intricate ‘chikankari’ work of Uttar Pradesh at a walk the ramp for a cause … the Mijwan Welfare Society, an enterprise started by Shabana Azmi’s father, Kaifi Azmi for the underprivileged women in his village where he came from ..

A large number of colleagues and a large number of very beautiful ladies that walk the walk for designer Manish Malhotra .. a satisfying experience and credit of immense value ..

It is getter warmer by the hour here now with the ‘BR’ release imminent .. and only prayers and wishes can work now .. the verdict shall be decided by the audiences of the nation … and until they do that … good night and may god bless you all …

Amitabh Bachchan

Apr 01

DAY 2176

Jalsa, Mumbai           Mar/Apr 31-1, 2014            Mon/Tue 1:46 am

That sinking feeling of all not well … but which turns out quite the opposite .. getting into the muck does dirty us and fill us with an excess we do not desire, but it also tells us how not to be in such, and if perchance we were to, then how and what would be the best procedure to remain in it with joy and contentment ..

So you sweat and fear what the press meets are going to be like as we meet journalist after journalist for the promotion of the film ..

In time and in conversation it all turns out well and we all heave a sigh of relief … relief from the apprehensions of facing an audience, especially when you know that your preparation for the moment has been restricted and perhaps not adequate enough ..

Travel does take out a great deal from one …but when you have a plane at your disposal, timings and process can undergo change .. the seclusion of the trip, and not being on display all the time, are all benefits of the private ..

So …. after the press meetings which went of rather well I thought - about 12 of them from different directions and carriers, it was time to do a dress rehearsal for the clothes to be worn for the Mizwan Society fund collection drive cum awareness of those that suffer in the villages, now controlled by Shabana Azmi, and on her insistence, to be a part of the fashion show and the ramp walk .. clothing worn to be the famous ‘chikankari’ delicate work from the state of Uttar Pradesh, especially woven by women who are now under the care and consideration of the Mizwan Society ..

Abhishek and I shall be walking the ramp for this very noble cause - women empowerment, and to be able to extend to the women in our land the importance of education and thereafter the opportunities of jobs they would never dream of getting treat them with equality and dignity and to give them the strength to fight for their mission ..

But the later part of the day was spent in preparing for Hyderabad and that British Airways function to the very pleasant task of welcoming them to the latest acquisition by BA ; the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, its first ever modern aircraft in the country of India, and most importantly …to have a plaque put on the insides of this particular aircraft as a mark of respect to the film industry in their existence of 100 years !!! The plaque replica is on its way to be being published soon …. perhaps even tonight !!





















And that ladies and Gentlemen is the story of that quick in and out trip to Hyderabad …. the tribute that BA pays me with their gratitude … pictures of the Place, now a flourishing Hotel … the vast enclosures and court yards of the Faluknama Palace Hotel, once the private resident of the Nizam of Hyderabad, once the richest man in the world … playing with a handful size diamond on her desk, whilst the people, as busy as busy can be ..

Tomorrow its early morning throughout the day with the electronic media for the promotions of ’ Bhoothnath Returns’ and thereafter to walk the ramp for the Mizwan Womens Society, an organisation started by Shabana Azmi’s father Kaifi Azmi, for the welfare of women ..

Its been quite a handful … but enjoyable and one that brings a sense of satisfaction ..

My love to all


Amitabh Bachchan

ps: happy birthday to Ef keren Ben Ezra for today and for the upcoming birth … many congratulations in advance … love

Mar 31

DAY 2175

Jalsa, Mumbai           Mar 30/31,  2014          Sun/Mon  1: 53 am

Women Empowerment !! 

At its best tonight .. as I inaugurate the latest Rajnikanth film directed by his daughter, Soundarya .. a film made on the technology of Motion Picture Capture .. “KOCHADAIIYAN” … truly amazing effort and a first for India ..

Motion picture capture : eg ‘Avatar’ and Spielberg’s ‘Rin Tin Tin’ ..

So much to say .. a proud moment for society where a girl takes on the challenge of a technology for the first time in the country .. and makes it happen ..

A daughter pays tribute to her haloed Father, in an affection that transcends all the cynicism that society still throws up ..

A Father who entrusts his daughter with confidence and support to undertake this huge enterprise .. unlike some of the twisted norms being still practised in the country ..

And then the Sunday well wishers … always there always in numbers and always so loving …

Thank you all … 

With Love to all

Mar 30

DAY 2174

Jalsa, Mumbai             Mar 29/30,  2014            Sat/ Sun  12:26 am


The trouble with extreme lethargy, albeit deserving, is that it never ends .. so despite the fact that one has had a more than sufficient rest, it doesn’t really bring it to an end .. the body seeks more and the mind gives it more ..

'Cutting a long story short' … ah ! hate using such language that has been used to death .. so .. 'skirting to the end of a rather extended clothing' .. hmm ! thats sounds better .. a bit risque though .. but getting the meaning I guess .. what has in fact occurred is that sleep, that most necessary of all human conventions, masters over the system for more than what seems to be necessary .. ending up in 'lethargy' activated to large extends …

Sleep, siesta, nap or any other manifestation differs from each one of us .. sleep on the stomach, on the side, flat on back, curled, uncurled, foetus shaped … mouth opened, mouth closed, breathing through nose or not, grinding teeth at interval, speaking during the process, walking in sleep … or any other form .. there is but one quality that is simply indescribable ..

The look ..

The look or expression on the face of one in deep slumber is indescribable, utterly childlike and one with the completeness of vulnerability .. it is perhaps the one and only expression that remains unchanged in the human .. one that inhabits our faces form the time we are born to the end .. drained of any care or force, oblivious to the world, quiet and utterly likeable …

Contrarily ..

Wake up .. and one is back with a face that signifies the burdens of the world .. not to mention those that capture the fading glory as the years go by .. 

Did some bytes for Tv by the evening for the on coming concert Global Peace, to be held on the 6th of April at the JLN Stadium in Delhi .. a concept that was played out in Mumbai some time ago … and now to be executed in Delhi … by the very talented Aadesh Srivastava .. yours truly shall be singing too … and that should put all the Ef off from wanting to attend the function ..

Many of the prominent singers of the film world shall be performing .. PEACE and not Violence .. !! for the entire world !!

British Airways, as you know brings in its latest magnificent bird, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the very first time to India … and its inaugural flight is to Hyderabad …

As a mark of remembrance of this historic moment, BA is putting a plaque on this plane which is named after me, as a gesture of our association … greatly humbled and honoured !! It will take place quite ceremoniously at a function to be held in Hyderabad on the 31st March at the Falaknuma Palace Hotel  .. Hyderabad the city of grandeur and culture and the Nizam’s Palace, extraordinary .. the Nizam of Hyderabad, at his time the richest man on the planet, lived in opulence, unmatched by anyone living at that time and I am sure even now ..

For example … legend has it that one of rarest diamonds in both size and colour, was used by him as a paper weight on his desk … !! His dinning room - a hundred odd seater, with gold cutlery and plates is still on display at the museum I believe .. 

Diamonds … !

So … best to get away from this topic, before the ladies wish to prolong the conversation .. !!

It is now time for ‘True Detective’ .. a recommended serial after ‘House of Cards’ which came to a rather dramatic end .. some days ago ..

Good night dear ones .. and thank you for all your wishes … I am so blessed with your company ..

Love as ever …


Amitabh Bachchan

ps : and happy birthday Nawaf … love and all the best in life

Mar 29

DAY 2173

Jalsa, Mumbai            Mar 28/29,  2014             Fri/Sat  12:19 am


There is an oft repeated location in movies .. they find it convenient to be there … they change and redress the insides and it welcomes a fresh and new dimension .. A small and cute little place in Khar is one such location .. convenient, no interruptions and a pleasant working atmosphere .. that is all we want and desire … !! 


So when all is done and dusted the walk from the vanity to the site of the work .. along with my detail … pretty ominous eh ?


A big long look at the mirror to check the scars and lines that seem to appear at greater intervals, than before ..


No .. that isn’t my vehicle .. that is what I get off in the story of the film .. a bit subdued and embarrassed .. on what I may encounter ..


The stride and the lunge for the movement hopefully still remains … thank God !! Looks satisfying when seen in this perspective … come in closer and ye shall find that the inners have been destroyed by singularly bad … shall not mention what .. for it can be most sensitive 

And then when all is done ahead of time, there is the immediate planning that starts off in the mind … fortunately those that have been desired at such moments, are readily available for the ‘crime’ .. 

And amidst the passion of nerves and body springs, there is the ultimate feel of rejection almost .. something has been lost from within … but during the activity there was no such demand or feel …

There has been a following of instructions from the Ef family … to give rest a chance .. well .. it happens now .. every Saturday and Sunday .. and its bringing excellent results .. I now lie awake till 3-4 in the morning, knowing that the morning shall not be too rushed .. 

Tomorrow is that day and date … and what does one do on such occasions .. that same camaraderie has disappeared and lost its way ..

waywardness is not something to be afraid of, so long as you could come back to the basics safely ..

I must read … I must write … I must educate myself … I must needs to be done on my costume for the rest of the work to be done .. simple but silly ..

Fact of the matter is that I wish to run to my platform on the Tv and get to see my present hobby … watching serials !!!

My love as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

Mar 28

DAY 2172

Jalsa, Mumbai           Mar 27/28,  2014           Thu/Fri  12:19 am

Ankur our dear Ef lost his grandmother .. we had put in our prayers, but the desires of the Almighty were deeper .. our condolences … may He give you and the family to bear this loss ..

That one yellow opening among the many pods of hidden fruits … fluffy and strange … with the contours almost zerbraic .. 

It is the way nature tells us many stories .. among that which is covered and unknown … among that which is hidden and covered .. among the fluff and the green of camouflage .. there shall always be that one flowering that breaks the norm, that spills out, that develops ahead of its time and indicates to us the beauty of variety … the beauty of the hidden .. beauty of the covered …

We would never have known what lay inside .. we would never have known the uncertainty of that life which remained hidden .. we would have in all probability imagined the worst, or perhaps even the best … but until it was seen and was visible, we would never have known …

Life is not too distant a cousin of nature .. 

Treat it with care and love and the blossoming shall surprise and envelop you in its ethereal content ..

Maltreat it, destroy it, envelop it with hate and injustice and abuse, and ye shall find that the beauty that lies within shall be stifled and damaged and made harsh and vicious and filled with nothing but malice and hurtful abandon ..

This yellow has been seen and admired and loved and written about with glorious intent ..

The yellow that is yet to blossom, must know that if they wish the same they must shed their unwanted skin, and bloom in the reflection of the rays of the yellow sun … !! 

In thought and in contemplation .. 

Amitabh Bachchan