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Jul 15

DAY 2281(i)

London, UK            July 15,  2014           Tue 12 : 45 pm gmt

I said I would try .. and I think it works ..

Me the lap and the Blog in it ..

Love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2281

DAY 2281

In the skies over Brazilian territory, approx. 35,000 feet    Global 6000 XRS 

July 14,  2014   Mon 7:05 PM local



An extraordinary experience has come to an end ! The World Cup 2014 Football Championships have ended last night at the famous and iconic Maracana Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, and to be witnessing these games in VIP enclosures, with the kindness of some very hospitable and warm hearted friends, has been just so incredible and most astonishing !

Having this eventful moment with Abhishek and Agastya at my side is a dream and a fulfilment for any Father-Grandfather I am certain. Such opportunities are rare, and I feel blessed that I could do this for them, with them …

It all started with a simple and most innocent, honest and loving request from the grandson, one that I just could not refuse .. at any cost ! The joy and happiness on the faces of your children is the ultimate emotion for any parent. We bring them into this world, care for them, bring them up with the best of intent and ability. Try to teach them what is best and good in life – conduct, ethics, culture, values … and so much more. Strangely, by the end of it all, there is still that feeling that enough was not done for them, that maybe we could have done better ; given them that little extra time and quality that they, we feel, needed. Its something that shall never leave us, and I for one shall ever feel thus.

Brazil has been a huge revelation. My first trip to this beautiful country, its people, its atmosphere and its smiling hospitality and its happy condition, a joi de vivré in the very environs, has been so overwhelming .. I cannot thank my hosts enough for this. Their personal care and every consideration has been like a family affair and I do look forward to reciprocating their hospitality in Mumbai some day.

The football and the games of WC14 have been most exciting. The experience of being live inside a stadium cannot adequately be described in words, it has to be felt and seen !

Some where as you drive down the friendly streets of cheering and flag waving singing fans, you observe the meticulous planning that has been put into this enterprise. Volunteers all over at every vantage point, eager to assist and help any and every possible problem that a visitor may have. Security .. goodness .. I have never seen so many police conditions at any event ever – men in uniform, on motorcycles, in vans armoured cars, in battle gear almost, lights flashing …

Gives a visitor a sense of safety ! An important impression to have for a foreigner.

As you are guided into the VIP lounge, the mingling of some of the greatest names in the game and out of it, non stop catering to every conceivable eats and drinks throughout, you look around in wonder as do many others about, at the friendly atmosphere and the anticipation of the game to follow …

And then suddenly you are guided through to the main door leading into the cauldron of the stadium …

Indescribable is still not justifying what that moment feels like. It is the largest adrenalin push that one can possibly conceive. Thousands, 60-70,000 fans of singing chanting dancing waving national colour flags t-shirts scarfs any … and the thing that could possibly be waved … and the roar of a million voices almost, just transports you to another world. There is a sense of freedom, of participation, of wanting to be liberated almost, of doing and behaving like one that you have never behaved like before … and so much more … and you do not know when and what to do, to start to get involved, to capture each and every second of your presence, to look around, to wonder in awe at this magnificent sight …

And then the ceremonies begin .. !

To me the most moving and hair raising moment is the announcement and the playing of the respective National Anthems of the teams involved. The music starts, the players sing and after there is no sound of the music … the entire stadium has taken over … they sing and emote and applaud, nothing of the music in the anthem is ever heard ..

Did you know that the Argentinian National Anthem does not have any words … just a tune .. which is hummed or toned along from its nationals if they join in. Its like giving voice to a symphony .. simply astounding. And I had the pleasure of experiencing this moment twice during my visit. Twice when Argentina played – once in the semi finals against Holland and then at the Finals.

The kick off is a switch on for a non stop juke box of patriotism .. songs composed for years, known to each and every national, irrespective of whether they are in the tiers or the special VIP boxes, erupts and continues non stop for this 180 minute spectacle.

The game has its own formulae, its strategy, its conflicts and its machinations but .. simultaneously there begins another game .. in the stands ! In this circular or oval crucible of gamesmanship, color, movement, gestures, voices are enacted in such unison that it would outdo even the most disciplined militia, known for their uniform and uniformity.

There are groups and bunches of fans that congregate at vantage points in the stadium. It is easily identifiable by that section, and a very large section, of the seating by a particular colour. Yellow for Brazil, white and blue for Argentina, orange for Holland and on … and when one very large section gives voice or motion to their form of cheering, no matter where the likeness may be seated, they shall get up in their seats and cheer along with them … they may be the lone voice in a somewhat somber vip box, or a singular individual that has had the ‘misfortune’ of finding the only ticket available to him or her, in the ‘opposition’ camp … but unabashedly they shall show their emotion .. each drop fills up the ocean .. each voice adds to the decibel of the cheering, no matter where it is coming from .. for the intent really is to out cheer the other ..

Each supposed goal bearing movement of their team, is accompanied by a roar of continuous appreciation, until it dies down when the ‘other’ has dispossessed him, and vice versa … on dispossession the jeers from the others begin and this massive verbal competition of the WC 14, continues and continues .. much after the game is over too …

Gentle personal battles and arguments among opponents erupt … no not on the field .. in the stands .. sharply and efficiently monitored by serious and heavy built stewards in orange covers, who move swiftly to the ‘crime’ and disperse, remove or subdue the ‘fight’ … or in some extreme cases, as did happen on the day of the Final, a streaker that ran onto the pitch in the middle of the game, only to be ‘grounded’ by stewards after giving them, I thought, a fairly competent run !!

But at the end of it all .. it is a very democratically fair sportsmen like environment that ensues .. at least from the little that I have seen - and I do know that there have been extreme cases too !

At the devastating defeat of Brazil by Germany, after noting that the situation would not reverse in their favour, the Brazilian fans expressed freely and loudly their ‘boos’ for their team, each time they touched the ball .. and at the end of the game gave a standing ovation to the winners, the Germans .. to me that was an electric and most endearing moment. It demonstrated a fair and understanding audience, sporting in countenance ! I applauded their applause !


Its getting on to 41,000 feet now and at cruising height it is time for some dinner and rest - there is provision for comfortable beds to be made within this private craft.

There is internet too .. ! Which is rather jolly ! And hopefully this missive shall go through ! I am wondering if being a tad closer to the multiple satellites swinging gently at 500 fps to the strains of the Blue Danube, is reason enough for this unique facility !!

I am going to attempt a picture .. attempt .. !!

Good night .. and remain well and safe and in peace and good health



Amitabh Bachchan

11 hrs of flying and in London just a while ago … resting and then connecting to another 9 hr flight to Mumbai .. tried to do the post on the flight, but it did not go through … bear with me .. love 




Jul 14

DAY 2280

      Rio, Brazil                July 13,  2014            Sun  11:57 pm local

Shalini Singh’s birthday is quite an affair to remember. But she is ill and bed ridden … may you continue to thrive in the days to come … all shall be too exciting to have you with us tomorrow, in spirit and word and deed .. lots of love from the entire group ….. 







The lap top seems to be dismayed by what ever has been happening in the hours within and when and how they wish to share their joyous occasion, after winning the World Cup 2014.

It has been a most clinical demonstration by the Germans, though a bit slack in the closing hours of the first 180 mins … but winners are winners and one wishes them the very best - I am told they started preparations for this World Cup 10 years ago … or so the coach says !

The game was exciting. It had a great amount of strategy and finesse, needed I am certain, by that typical German spirit, of never giving in ..

Many of the unknown are here and keep us busy with the auto graphs and the pictures ! Today’s discovery — are from Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Singapore, South Africa  (ministerial subject), Malaysia, Indonesia and one darling of a lady from the United Kingdom, who seeing the fuss about us, came up most bold in her attitude, wishing to take a photograph :

'because she heard some one state that, he which is I, am some kind of a celebrity !!' 

There was the game of the final … and it deserves a great deal more to be written, but perhaps there is not sufficient time … it is interesting and well observed, but of all that later …


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 13

DAY 2279

           Rio, Brazil                July 12,  2014              Sat 9:20 am

There is an attraction as you stand in front of this magnificence in Rio de Janeiro - Christo, Christ the redeemer ! Its situation and its making are almost God given. It evokes surprise, awe, brilliance and great religiosity.

There are times when we become speechless in the presence of such beauty and elegance and its religiosity. I am such today ..

Till we meet again … for tomorrow is the final at WC14 … Ger v Arg … and as the tension mounts, one cannot imagine that the neighbouring country does not show much in that direction - the beaches, the pavements, the road ways are all full of Argentinians waiting for the exalted moment. Some have converted their cars into mini Hotels. Yes true. Bathing in the sea ahead and then sleeping at night inside the car, for lack of Hotel space.

A friendly nation hosts another friendly nation next door .. !!


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 12

DAY 2278

           Rio, Brazil            July  11, 2014           Fri  5:35 pm



एक चेहरा मिलता है भाग्य की देन से ,
एक मिलता है अपनी पहचान की देन से
समय बदल देता है हमारे आकारों को .. 
भाग्य समय बदलता है अपने विचारों को.. 
खँडहर से अपने आकार देख कर निराश न हो , अब 
भाग्य बिना मतलब के छोड़ दे हो हताश तब !

कहते हैं बनाने के योग से भाग्य बनते हैं 
समय की अनवरत चक्की में वो भी रोज़ पीसे जाते हैं …. 
जो नीचे होते हैं , वो ऊपर भी आते हैं 
सोच लेते हैं वो की बस अब यहीं रुक जाते हैं … 
समंदर की लहरें किनारों पे दहाड़ती तो हैं लेकिन 
वापस आने के लिए उन्हें भी पीछे जाना पड़ता है लेकिन । 

~ अमिताभ बच्चन

Ek chehra milta hai bhagya ki dein se,
Ek milta hai apni pehchaan ki dein se
Samay badal deta hai hamare aakaaron ko
Bhagya samay badalta hai apne vicharon ko …
Khandahar se apne aakaar dekhkar nirash na ho, ab
Bhaagya bina matlab ke chodh de, ho hataash tab !

Kehte hain banane ke yog se bhagya bante hain
Samay ki anvarat chakki mein wo bhi roz peese jate hain …
Jo neeche hote hain, wo oopar bhi aate hain ..
Sooch lete hain wo ki bas ab yahin ruk jate hain ..
Samandar ki lehren kinaron pe dahadti toh hain, lekin
Wapas aane ke liye unhe bhi peeche jaana padta hai lekin ..

~ Amitabh Bachchan

One face doth come to thee through fate,

One face doth come with what you gain thy recognition with..

Time doth in time change features of our face, assured

Fate alters sure, changed limitations of our thinking too ..

Be not without hope on beholding the ruins of thy face,

Be alarmed then when fate doth leave thee without reason ..

They say that fate is made in the making if its make,

The unstoppable wheel of time doth grind them in their making too ..

Those that be low below, do come above up too,

And think that they must just remain on top so …

The waves of sea do lash themselves on shores of life, 

To return to lash again they must but go back too …

~ Amitabh Bachchan

Driven by thought and a spell of words that signify nothing that could possibly be understood, I devote now, my calmed mind to the events of the day, though.

Those that differ in opinion and belief on the spells of electrodic eruptions at places and locations hitherto unseen, must needs be blinded by the variance of their word and those of the majority.

It is factual now that the air and the space that surround us be not of any comment that simply rests itself in commandeered obedience and discipline. Indeed the air that breathes through the generations of life, continues to survive the heartless and bludgeoned atmosphere through centuries. I cannot commit to saying that what Napoleon breathed was similar to the intake of those that came to these parts from Portugal. But I can safely say, after walking the shores of the Copacabana beach that, very little has been devoted to deliberately destroying that fresh whiff of Brazillian air at many of the original locations who, I read, will be again in the throes of celebration, organisation and management, in the coming years .. 

The Olympics in 2016 … and the 450 year celebration of the establishment of the city called Rio de Janeiro, in 2015 ..

This bodes well for all the parties that are invading the driveways and common locations, with song and impromptu dance … waving their support for the game tomorrow for the third place - Brazil v Holland !!

The FIFA Fun Fest has organised a giant screen, a very large giant screen, on this sacred beach for all those who wish to see the game free … and I am told it shall be the location and the reason for the biggest party ever .. its the Glastonbury, or the … whats the one in US of A .. ok … never mind , I think you got the point !

The emotions run too high at such events, and when Brazil lost to Germany there were riot conditions at the venue … but fear not … there are sufficient sane people in this warm and friendly city and country, that also look upon the religion of football with reverence and fair play !

There is freedom of a walk by the beach and the cabanas that adorn the pavements with delicious delicacies and drinks and caffe and cocoa .. and the sheer clean waters of the Atlantic that rush into the shores, inviting surfers to paddle out on their rafts to sail in …

No sooner does one begin to enjoy the anonymity of celebrity, recognition sprouts about and the sheer variety of region astonishes .. its Punjab to start with, Delhi, Egypt, Somalia, Qatar, Russia, Argentina and a few others just because they do not want to feel left out, even if they do not know who the hell this white bearded guy is .. 

Hawaianas … or some thing similar spelt is next on the stepped up walk now .. they be those unique ‘chappals’ marked from the different World Cup teams, their colours, their logos .. quite simply a comfortable and necessary possession for the sand later .. or perhaps to just lounge around in ..

'Chappals' … they seem to be the buy of choice each foreign visit. Marrakesh Film Fest, Morocco some years ago was also met with similar taste .. a walk in the bazaar … now with the entire market following you, as a difference, and some of the most unique foot wear casual .. triangular covered half way, and that is it … no grips .. just a sandal shoe .. comfy as hell and in different shades of colour ..

So as you admire the different countries being reflected at the bottom of your feet, the obvious choice is the green and yellow of Brazil .. a bit of hesitancy in the German, and the Argentina, for obvious reasons - though the streets are packed to capacity with the white and blue Argentinian stripes, as also the orange white and black of the Germans ! But really the spirit of football is what gets appreciation. There is great rivalry between these two neighbours, and of course Germany will not have many takers in Brazil for a long time …

But … Neymar wishes Argentina a victory … many feel the other way round, and wish that the  Args do to the Germans, what they did to the Bra ..

The next for third place between Bra and Dutch, is interesting … so see you tomorrow at the FIFA Fun Fest on the Copacabana beach … safest apparel … the hoodies from Ef bearing Brazil … and non committal though on the finals. Coz’ its a bit iffy ! Whatever has been backed as you enter the VIP enclosure of stadiums, has eventually lost, so best to keep shut !! Talk though at the semis of Arg v Dutch hinted that they hoped the D would be victorious, for then the real game of the world cup for the third place would be played as the final .. Arg and Bra the deadliest of rivals .. its India v Pak, adding another hundred decimals to it … now we do not know .. it could change the loyalties … its South America v Europe … the colonisers v the colonised !!

How astonishingly history has been overcome by sport … the battles are the same … the tools have changed !!

The evening was all dressed up to be a guest at the FIFA inauguration of the next World Cup 2018 in Russia and the presentation among Russian opera singers and wild and vibrant Russian folk dancing, large and tasselled fur caps and all, in this temperate climate. The Chairman of FIFA was excited to meet, and was up beat about India being the next world soccer interest and the WC ‘17 for the Juniors being played there. His pertinent remark - 1.25 Billion people and ‘no soccer team, of 11, in the World Cup ?? Hmmmm …

Did you know that Cocoa was a delicacy drink in the early days of the formation of Brazil. They dealt with its seeds as money transactions .. but the best Hot Chocolate drink, or the cocoa drink which was consumed soon after the ‘chappals’ was opposite the footwear, at a tiny cute little place called, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil … Copenhagen !!! Why this, I would not know … their chocolates were the best in the world, so help me sweet tooth ..!!

Its the place to be … Brazil !! There is a feeling of free spiritedness, in more ways than one … easy going, relaxed in attitude, no worries, smiles, stares .. and … since we are an adult family .. no harm in mentioning what one noticed … a large notice card on the side table of your bed, where normally you are told to preserve the ecology of the atmosphere by not sending the towels for washing each day, …. stating boldly to the clients, of the providing of free contraceptives … an AIDS prevention initiative by Law !!

Year 2016, year after the next, is the Olympics in Rio … and next year 2015 is the celebration of 450 years of the establishment of the city of Rio de Janeiro … !! The carnival … the famed Carnival is on !!

A generous Indian family that lives and is settled in Brazil, has most kindly delighted us with home cooked Indian food and we are so gratified by this … thank you so much ! It has been devoured most gluttonously and with some to spare !!

The city sleeps, and so must I .. 

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 11

DAY 2277

Rio, Brazil            July 10,  2014            Thu 11 : 00 pm local


there are many among my Ef that are so accomplished in the region of art that they send me their art work, so overwhelmingly good and picturesque !

My own art work is half asleep already and I must not deprive the other half of the reasonable regular sleep ..

I beg your forgiveness and seek another day of meeting and spending time together ..

My love 


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 10

DAY 2276

Pestana Hotel, Sãu Paulo, Brazil       July 9,  2014       Wed  11:09 pm

Ef Prabir Bhatt : his birthday on the 9th July … got left behind because of the internet problem .. may you ever flourish ..happiness always … love

Even though it suns in the southern hemisphere, south of the Equator, here at the games of the World Cup it shivers ! The atmosphere is enough decibels to keep one warm for a fortnight, inside these monoliths called Stadiums, but unfortunately that is not enough ..

The rain at the game today added some more … but the management FIFA has taken care of many such encounters - they give you well parcelled plastic raincoats as you pass on to your row of seats, in the VIP enclosure ..

The management is flawless - directions all over and a host of helpers ready to answer any query of yours and to be of assistance ever. The lounge of the VIP section is a bustling city. Food of many varieties stationed at various corners of the very large area, is delicious even for a fussy vegetarian like me. It is the melting pot of the invitees. Celebrities and the like, move around with their champagne or their choice of drinks chattering away, I am certain with issues that have no relevance to the game at play just beyond the glass enclosure that separates us … but ..

The joy I believe in such sporting events is not the game per se - that is a given. Its the other activities that change the environment regularly, which catches my attention always.

The shouts and screams in the beginning, a gentle murmur of around 70, 000 people seated within, is sufficient noise to welcome an event such as this. And as the teams arrive duly guided and led by those little and the sweetest of toddlers holding the hands of the players is papa domain … and at times for the Mother too.

I have often wondered why these little lost gems  come along, and why they hold the players fingers firmly, leading them to their designated stand, and being ahead in front of them for the playing and singing of the national anthems of the individual teams. 

I fear it has something to do with the psychological aspect of the players. Stress and anxiety, pressures of performance, could drive each one of them to a hospital with some rapidity. The kids who hold their fingers ever so gently, are there so that no such thing were to ever happen. It is these little preventions that make up the rules of the game for the players … !! Yes I will send it to you ..

Crowds …. yes the crowds are the most learning aspect of this feature. They guide the game … they are proficient at it, and they deliver.

 I wish to elaborate on this but am simply over the top in sleep and so must end our meeting …

Take care and do look after yourselves … remember you all are the most important reason for this blog, this twitter, this FB …

Treat it with care and comfort …


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 09

DAY 2275

Othon Hotel, Belo Horizonte, Brazil   #2301   

July 8,  2014   Tue  11:57 PM local

Annihilation .. !!

Just one word to describe what we have witnessed at the World Cup 2014, Brazil v Germany. If ever there were some who never understood the meaning of ‘Blitzkrieg’.. this was it at the football this very historic afternoon ..

So you leave at  9 pm on the 7th of July, and travel 11:55 hrs from London to Sãu Paulo, getting in at 5:30 in the morning on the 8th, having been met up with Agastya and Abhishek, who have flown in from Mumbai on the 6th night-7th morning, to be in London by 7 am … a quick meeting an even quicker decision making on flights and possibilities of travel to catch the game at 5 pm Brazil time and then off ..

Sãu Paulo is swell and cool and wet and madness and yellow jerseyed, but there is semblance of service when those who were meant to be attending on us come in from varied directions at this bazaar of an airport, pleasant and co operative, smiles and polite, lead us to vantage points like the baggage counter, immigration, way out from the port and then to be found no more … 

The connecting flight is at 11 am .. thats right 11 .. which to me is a 6 hr wait in a rather congested and inadequately measured lounge for ostensively VIP’s. That was Alesandro who worked on us and then almost by computerised proficiency Roberto arrives and we move baggage trolleys and all to the exit. The connecting is at another airport, and a car is needed to get there. The rain pelts down. Roberto keeps smiling to us which is reassuring, but I believe its because his mobile has ‘fevicoled’ to his ear …

Who is he talking to and why are we at the pavement of the airport watching many hundreds of ‘yellowgreens’ passing by in elated anticipation, after having discarded their modes of travel, some of which we require to be transported to terminal for Belo Horizonte, where the game is to be held .. Roberto says 55 mins of flying, our papers diligently prepared by efficient office staff, says 45 … fact is its about an hour and half of further flying ..

Portuguese .. sorry Brazilian Portuguese speaking individuals, namely taxi owners, get us and our several pieces of luggage moving amidst several ups and downs with the owner, in a language which none of us understand. But all is well.

We are three 6’3” rather tired humans - one both 6’3” vertically and horizontally, and one aspiring to that height human, squeezed into the rear end of this vehicle, which is lengthed and breathed in 3’by 3’, and which I am almost certain can also only understand the Bra-Por tongue, because telling it to put its glass down, so these once upon a time human specimens sardined in the back could breathe, requires for it to pass a somewhat lazy message to the driver, before its execution.

The heavily over loaded and squished vehicle finally reaches the other terminal, and short of bursting the metallic sides of the cab, this entire battalion of human pride and length, along with the baggage tumbles out.

Thus then begins the mouse and rat game. For a while all is quiet on the frontier, as we trundle along looking and feeling quite pleased with ourselves … when … protocol managers arrive and welcome us to the city, putting emphasis on the fact that flights gets cancelled often here, and that there should be no cause for worry !!

Time has now somehow reached 7:30 am, and 11 am does not seem too far away. But there is a twist in the tale .. technical fault in craft and a new plane is being ordered, and of course frayed tempers are soothed by ,happily embarrassed looking and feeling, pretty counter ladies ! The young among us, clamour for the hunger pangs to be dealt with ..hence a few currency exchange encounters and a few sandwiched cheese breads with a million tubs of coffee, by the others, later, it is announced that there is a delay .. no mention of when and how and where !

At 3 pm … tired of exchanging not just pleasantries with neighbours sitting next to you, on metal meshed chairs, comes an announcement that we must board. Its a small plane, winged yes but engined by matter that is now fed up of the delay. And so hurriedly anger embers diminish, after a few cribbers have spilled their venom. The tractor pulls and pushes the aircraft back to a better position for the engines to start and then almost miraculously, just when we have gotten down to the final report, Captain Courageous crackles through the intercom that there is no permission to take of ..

Back to Bay and await arrival and departure of planes … and nothing but nothing is coming our way in lieu of the level of work the organisers may have .. may have .. worked on. There is pandemonium within the ladies … what else do you expect !! Loud voices to air hostesses, and since the aircraft is small another cramped issue arrises… because after voicing their opinions they all wish to use the limited toilet at the back of the plane … they might as well could have stepped out onto the tarmac, but Monsieur Capeetaan orders that were the doors to be opened they would loose their slot ..

Time ticks away … its an hour and a half flight to Belo and its past 3 pm … the game starts at 5 pm !!

Suddenly a roar equivalent to Brazil having scored a goal, accompanied by clapping and yelps of joy, by the passengers indicates that perhaps there is good news … and there is … we are taking off !!

Landing through clouds of rain in a propellor aircraft, the ones with jets on them are too big for the landing strip in Belo, we are thankfully met by our hosts at the ground outside as we step down, whisked away to a private lounge and Brazil t - shirts, hoodies, bands, hats, scarfs are swiftly unpacked and packed upon us.

Three motor biked, red lights blinking and siren sounding mounted police, followed by cop car swinging its roof lights as often as he could, scream us through the VIP enclosure … a palpable adrenalin rush of anticipation greets us … and then ..

passing through the VIP section, through the hospitality serving large facility, out into the stadium …. and …


The cauldron of this yellow stadium within this enclosed football field is a sight to behold … nothing matches that moment except …. within the next five minutes, pictures handshakes and hellos later and 5 minutes into the game there is a sound that nobody can imagine … 58,000 people shouting for the yellow-green suddenly clamp shut  as the first goal slides in and within 30 minutes another 5 goals are thumped in …!!

Stunned …. silenced …. unbelievable … and beyond repair …

7-1 … Germany !!

Had never seen anything like this before .. or … may be yes, when I had witnessed a Hockey game between India and Pakistan at the Asian Games in 1982, New Delhi, with similar result … 7-1, Parkinsons !! Pakistan !!!

Tonight, as I shed so much light on this, only one, marvel at this time for him … and bounce over, we are leaving you …


Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 08

DAY 2274

London, Heathrow, UK         July 7,  2014          Mon 7:45 pm gmt

Father .. son … grandson  !! A triumvirate blessed, to be together, to be in company common, to be in travel and to be in stadia for common sport, to be in common theatre for common likeness to film .. a world of an opportunity, a world of happiness for me …

Exceptional moments and exceptional experiences .. perhaps limited, perhaps not .. cannot say .. but cherished and loved for the time of this time ..

The oddness of time on this platform is regretted, but situational circumstances compel and will compel in the hours to come as well .. so some bearing and understanding is required ..

The absence of pictures is regretted too .. I am without the team that follows me and immortalises events and activities of mine .. but I do hope that with some personal pictures there shall soon be a connect .. except the downloading from another mobile make to the Mac is cumbersome and at times not easily done .. competition is not just a fortunate leveller, but one that robs conversions and hence blocks relevant information to be posted … someday I shall perhaps find a way to fix this ..

Must leave now … announcements made and travel beckons ..

Love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Jul 07

DAY 2273

         London, UK            July 6,  2014           Sun 10:40 pm gmt


कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख़याल आता है
की ज़िन्दगी तेरी ज़ुल्फो की नरम छाओं में गुजरने पाती तो शादाब हो भी सकती थी
ये रंज-ओ- ग़म की सियाही जो दिल पे छाई है ,
तेरी नज़र की शुआओं में खो भी सकती थी
मगर ये हो न सका
मगर ये हो न सका , और अब ये आलम है
की तू नहीं तेरा ग़म तेरी जुस्तजू भी नहीं
गुज़र रही है ज़िन्दगी कुछ इस तरह जैसे इसे किसी की सहारे की आरज़ू भी नहीं

न कोई राह न मंज़िल न रौशनी का सुराग़
भटक रही है अंधेरों में ज़िन्दगी मेरी
इन्ही अंधेरों में रह जाऊंगा कभी खो कर
मैं जानता हूँ मेरी हमनफ़ज़ मगर युहीं
कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख़याल आता है, कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख़याल आता है ……

I have no idea why I remember these eternal lines from ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ .. I do not know why I post such an elaborate picture made by dear friends.. I do not know why ..

Will those that are proficient with the language please translate this as eloquently as it is written, for those among our Ef that do not understand Hindi or Urdu …

Champions fall, and champions are made .. one day that is the story all shall revere and contend with. It is not an easy task to be second to one who was once your second or many seconds away ..

Seeing Roger Federer, the unshakeable, undefeatable, undoubtedly the greatest of the greats, being humbled by one that made him his role model, that sought to be him one day, is not easy to digest ..

It is also not easy to be the chosen one, yet be treated by the crowds as not deserving of it. To continue to play to fight with a biased crowd, crowing for the opponent at all times. To be hitting winners and not getting the roar of applause, as does your opponent who succeeds to win a point, not for his acumen, but for a mistake which you were responsible for, is defeating and unfair … yet you continue, and win ..

That is a true champion … !!

Roger Federer you played magnificently, bravely and put on a fight worthy of victory, but the stars have changed in favour of your competitor, Novak .. a harsh reality, but one that you must and will have to digest and consider always ..

The greatest and the biggest fall .. falling is no evil .. falling in disgrace is ..falling when it felt that you had not, is the better .. winning is hypnotic, soothing, calming and settling … so long as it stays that way .. beyond that is an unknown territory to me .. and I hope for all those that win ..

Failing is a blessing .. it teaches, it educates, it trains you for the future, fills you with a peculiar confidence, makes one aware of the possible pitfalls and is a must for all … unless you fall you never learn to rise to get up .. and it is important to learn these aspects of life …

It is stupidity of the highest order to believe that you are invincible ..your vincibility starts the moment you spell invincible …

There is a possibility of travel again tomorrow .. to distances never traversed before .. to the witnessing of worldly treasures in competition .. if it works out that is … what was once seen in technological invention, now to be witnessed personally, in person .. 

It is a given now that when the mind is clouded with many, it is clouded .. they say never allow the clouds to rest within, to be unaware of them, to never give notice of them .. for then they assert themselves even greater ..

Easy to say .. difficult to perform …

It is impossible to not allow the mind to travel abstractly, even when concentrating on deliberate conditions .. we pray, we think, we work and we think of aspects that concern during it .. but let us be honest … we stray, we distract, we travel away from the main, despite our most strong efforts and will … nature made us so .. it shall not change !!

I notice and have been observing for long … that the responses on the Blog speak more with each other … there is little to communicate to me .. which is good and healthy .. I enjoy the fact of this growing family, sharing conversing and interacting with the other Ef .. this is what this platform was and is all about ..

When we grow with each other we grow exponentially .. and may this continue …

I have spoken beyond my level and brief .. I have wronged .. there should be greater material than this oft known and repeated content ..

But then tomorrow is another day … !!


Amitabh Bachchan